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This Elden Ring Mod Is Let Me Solo Her's Dream Come True

"Elden Ring" has no shortage of amazing bosses. Fights with them are grueling, exhausting, and will often test you to your wit's end. But no boss is as demanding as Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Though she is an optional boss that players aren't forced to fight if they wish to beat the main quest in "Elden Ring," Malenia is a popular antagonist due to her oddly-timed and strong attacks, delicately realized character model, and her ridiculously long katana. She is also extremely hard to beat and many have failed in their efforts to defeat her.


In an act of both bravery and virtue, a rogue "Elden Ring" player going by the name of Let Me Solo Her has begun helping fellow Tarnished fight off defeat Malenia and asking nothing in return. Solo's exploits have earned him millions of views on YouTube and droves of comments full of praise, earning him cult status among the "Elden Ring" for his willingness to battle such a hard boss with little in the way of protection. And if battling Malenia is his true calling in life, then he's going to love one of the more recent mods that "Elden Ring" players have added to the game.

A mod turns every enemy in Elden Ring to Malenia

Without a doubt, "Elden Ring" is a really difficult game. Though players will have built up their skills towards the end of their playthrough and will inevitably become a force to be reckoned with themselves, certain enemies in the game will push players to their breaking point. This is very much the case with Malenia who is a formidable opponent, no matter how good you become. And if one has beaten "Elden Ring" and wants an even steeper challenge, a recent mod might be to their liking.


Modifying a previous randomization mod that would alter enemy types posted by user thefifthmatt on NexusMods, YouTuber Bushy recent published a video in which he turns every enemy in "Elden Ring" into Malenia. This is a mod of truly horrifying connotations, especially when taking into consideration all of the areas with multiple enemies that are packed close together. While using the mod, Bushy is shown getting absolutely tanked by a group of at least four Malenias before electing to just ride his horse as quickly as possible through a field of them. It's quite possible that not even Let Me Solo Her himself can overcome this kind of madness.