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Cookie Cutter - What We Know So Far

Even in the age of high-resolution 3D graphics and powerful gaming platforms capable of pushing the boundaries of what was once though possible, the classic Metroidvania sub-genre remains a mainstay in the gaming landscape. There's something about a game in which players frequently backtrack and unlock new areas by defeating enemies and upgrading their equipment and abilities that continues to capture players' imaginations. In keeping with this tradition, Rogue Games — the publisher behind the "P.T."-like horror title "Under" — is entering the Metroidvania arena with the announcement of "Cookie Cutter," which is being developed by indie studio Subcult Joint.

Armed with a techno-punk aesthetic, frenetic combat, and enough gore to make even "Doom" fans a little shocked, "Cookie Cutter" was unveiled to the world in July 2021 when a prototype version was released to the public. Since then, a few more details regarding its mechanics and story have been released, and it all sounds quite interesting. Here's everything you need to know about "Cookie Cutter."

What is the release date of Cookie Cutter?

In its announcement trailer, the release date for "Cookie Cutter" is left rather vague; all that is known for sure is the game will arrive sometime in 2023. Neither a specific date, month, or fiscal quarter is listed. "Cookie Cutter" will be available exclusively for the PC via Steam. 

Matt Casamassina — Rogue Games' CEO and IGN co-founder — has expressed a great deal of excitement with the "Cookie Cutter" project. "'Cookie Cutter' is a weird, wild, fun-as-hell ride of a Metroidvania," Casamassina told IGN. "It's got all the staples of the genre. A massive world. Loads of insane enemies and boss fights. A twisted narrative. And it's freakin' beautiful."

"Cookie Cutter" is clearly a passion project for developer Subcult Joint, Casamassina, and the rest of the team at Rogue Games. Judging by the game's official Twitter page, "Cookie Cutter" seems to have been in development since at least June 2019.

Is there a trailer for Cookie Cutter?

An official announcement trailer for "Cookie Cutter" was unveiled on June 17, 2022, and boy, is it something! The trailer features a peek at the wild visuals and gameplay that the indie title will feature. It also expands upon its interesting premise of a robot named Cherry gaining sentience and going on a violent quest to rescue her creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon.

The trailer comes roaring out of the gate with a metal soundtrack and some gleefully violent combat. Despite the trailer itself only being just over one minute long, it packs a punch and is able to give prospective players and buyers a good idea of what exactly they'll be getting into when they fire it up for the first time.

By indie game standards, the trailer has garnered quite a bit of attention, with many of the comments on YouTube focusing on positive remarks about its art style and direction.

What will the gameplay be like in Cookie Cutter?

The gameplay in "Cookie Cutter" resembles that of a classic Metroidvania-style game, but its cel-shaded art style and over the top action seems to immediately set it apart. According to its official page on Rogue Games' website, "Cookie Cutter" is described as "a techno-pop-punk 2D hand-drawn Metroidvania" with an emphasis on brutal combat. Some of this can be seen in the trailer, as Cherry quickly alternates between brutal punches, kicks, and an arsenal of wild weapons.

Writing for IGN as part of the game's official reveal, Ryan McAffrey says that "Cookie Cutter" will also feature plenty of platforming and puzzle-solving when it is released in 2023. The game will also apparently give Cherry an even more expansive armory than players get to see in the announcement trailer. McAffrey lists motorcycles, chainsaws, and even mechs as useable tools in Cherry's deadly journey.