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Lost In Play Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Somehow, it's been ten years since the animated series "Gravity Falls" first aired. Full of mystery, hilarious writing, and colorful characters, it's easy to see why the show acquired so many loyal fans. Over on twitter, the show's creator Alex Hirsch has been sharing details from behind-the-scenes to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his beloved story. Some, like the dizzying number of notes Disney Censors gave to him, are a bit frustrating. 


If you're one of the fans who has loved "Gravity Falls" and just wish there was a way to get more of it, you could try these twenty shows like "Gravity Falls," or you might be interested in a new video game called "Lost in Play." This charming adventure game follows the adventures of brother Toto and sister Gal as they attempt to journey back home through various, magical dreamscapes. Of course, the visual style of an endearingly animated cartoon only makes the game look that much sweeter.

Does Lost in Play have a release date?

While a demo for the game has been available for a while on Steam, and is still playable if you want to give the title a try before it becomes available for purchase. If, after the demo, you find that you just can't wait to play the full release, you won't have much longer to wait. "Lost in Play" is primed for a full release on August 10th of this year. 


Not only will it be available on Steam, but Nintendo Switch owners will be able to take the adventure of Toto and Gal anywhere they'd like, as well. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any information on whether the Xbox and PlayStation families of consoles can expect to join in on the fun. Additionally, no news of a physical release has been revealed, either. 

Created by the three-person studio Happy Juice, trying to launch on every platform all at once would be a daunting task. However, the combined experience of 30+ years in video game production and animation is a nice indicator that the game will be a solid experience wherever it's available.

Does Lost in Play have a trailer?

There are multiple trailers available for "Lost in Play," but its most recent was shown during the Future Games Show. A pitch-perfect showcase for any fans of "Gravity Falls," "Over the Garden Wall," or cartoons in general. Really, this gameplay trailer highlights the whimsical and imaginative adventures that await both players and the game's brother-sister duo. 


Starting with a brief and effective introduction of the siblings' different personalities, the trailer quickly transitions into a tea party with a crowned toad, an aviator duck, and a gnome whose hat is actually an odd-pointed bird. Oh, and there's a giant fish-dragon in the background. Of course, that's just the beginning. Seemingly stuffed with creative characters and set pieces, the trailer shows the siblings riding a rhinoceros beetle through a blizzard, being carried in a pot of soup by some large, spooky creatures, flying a pedal-powered plane before being struck by an angry cloud's lightning bolt, and staring down a giant, angry worm. 

If all of that wasn't enough, the trailer ends with a snippet of gameplay where, for a portion of the game, you control a chicken in what looks like a chicken jail.


What is the gameplay like in Lost in Play?

"Lost in Play" looks similar to point and click adventure games, but it's more of a modern take on the genre. Rather than controlling your character by clicking, you can freely move your character around the environments and interact with set pieces and other characters. Like other point and click titles, you'll have to solve puzzles, locate key items to store in your inventory, and occasionally participate in a unique minigame. 


In the end of the gameplay trailer, we're given a look at the type of goofy and creative gameplay we can expect in "Lost in Play." When controlling the chicken, any item added to your inventory is swallowed by the poor little poultry. Wire cutters? Right down the gullet. Books? Those too. Even interacting with objects, like a sleeping guard's hand, is unique to the chicken in the form of quick, little pecks. While the human characters likely won't be eating anything they want added to their inventory, "Lost in Play" is looking like a wonderfully odd and unique experience for cartoon and adventure game fans alike.