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Nilah: Everything We Know About League Of Legends' New Champion

In recent years, "League of Legends" has rolled out champions back to back. While Riot developers have said that the company would be slowing down when new releases in 2022, people have been taken back by how quickly champions are still coming out. People were caught off guard by Renata Glasc's drop, and a few months later saw Bel'Veth's release. There were several months between the two's release, but a few weeks after Bel'Veth hit servers, Riot was already announcing another champion: Nilah. However, this could be because Bel'Veth was delayed, and Riot's staying on track with Nilah's release schedule.

On June 17, 2022, Nilah's Champion Trailer was released. In it, there's a mix of interesting cinematics and fast-paced gameplay that's meant to showcase her abilities. Despite showing off these things, the complexity of Champions in "League of Legends" means that no one knows exactly what Nilah can do until Riot releases more information. However, there's already a prominent leak going around that's accepted by most players.

Nilah gameplay breakdown

There are some things about Nilah's abilities that's clear through the Champion Trailer. In the first gameplay clip, Nilah hits an enemy Brand with her whip and jumps to him. This dash-esque ability isn't stopped by the enemy Jinx's traps on the ground, either, meaning that the dash goes through abilities that would stun or root Champions. Nilah's also able to use her whip to dash to Jinx almost immediately after using it to get to Brand.

In the second clip, Nilah uses another dash forward that leaves water puddles behind her to get to an enemy Aatrox. Once she gets to Aatrox, she pushes him back with an ability that looks like a cone in game, and then uses the same dashes from the first gameplay clip to take out an enemy Swain as well.

The next gameplay clip shows Nilah avoiding a stun from an enemy Twisted Fate, while also avoiding damage from his other abilities. Last but not least is what looks to be Nilah's ult, which is a giant blue circle that seemed to drag enemies that were caught in it towards the center of it.

While this gives an idea about how Nilah can be played and what her abilities do, a leak gives players potential insight about exactly what everything does.

The leak around Nilah's abilities

While there've been many people who have reacted to and tried to predict Nilah's abilities, including many of the best "League of Legends" streamers like tyler1 and Doublelift, there's a potential leak. YouTuber Big Bad Bear posted a compilation of the leaks they saw and heard.

The leak explained that Nilah's passive boosts her attack speed for every basic attack (up to six times). After that, the additional attack speed is converted to additional damage. Nilah's Q ability, per the leak, is her dash, which also empowers her next three basic attacks. The leak also explains that her W ability lets her throw an orb that hits both enemies and terrain. Once it hits something, it explodes, damaging and slowing enemies for a few seconds.

While the abilities above sound plausible given the Champion Trailer, things get a bit more confusing with the potential E and R abilities. Her E ability, according to this leak, lets Nilah attach herself to an enemy with her whip. From there, she can tether herself to another enemy if they're close enough and stun them both. Her R ability creates an arena that traps enemies inside of it and allows her to deal damage to them from outside of the arena.

Parts of this leak may be true, but it's worth mentioning that there's no mention of Nilah's ability to evade enemy abilities, which is something that's shown off in the official Champion Trailer.

Nilah's story and Bilgewater

When Riot released Nilah's Champion Trailer, there wasn't any mention of where she belonged in the "League of Legends" universe or what her story is. However, the video has a lot of elements that are common in Bilgewater, a port city in the "League" universe. Nilah's Champion Trailer opens up with her walking on a dock, with hues of blue that match many champions that are associated with Bilgewater, like Pyke and Illaoi. She could even have a storyline that overlaps with Fizz, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Nautilus, or Twisted Fate.

Additionally, Bilgewater has towers in place for the various sea monsters around the city, called Serpent Callers. Considering the end of Nilah's Champion Trailer has a suspicious sea monster at the end, there's a pretty good chance that she's from Bilgewater. Considering she controls a whip made of water, it would make sense for her to be from a city located by the sea.