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The Sacrifice DICE Is Making For The Benefit Of Battlefield

It's no secret that "Battlefield 2042" has been a bit of a letdown to both new players and the series' longtime fans. Though "Battlefield 2042" initially got positive reviews from critics, an array of issues and grievances soon soured players. From bot problems to the nixed campaign and battle royale modes to eventurally being so broken even cheaters quit, there hasn't been a ton of goodwill for DICE's latest entry in the long-running franchise. Setbacks like these would be enough to make some developers throw up its hands and abandon ship, but that's not something DICE will even consider.

Despite what seems like endless setbacks, DICE is prepared to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to work towards getting "Battlefield 2042" into some semblance of the form fans expected — and to help repair the brand's reputation. It won't be something that happens overnight, but instead comes from gradual change and improvement. 

This news ought to offer a ray of hope for "Battlefield" fans that've felt left in the dust over the last few years, but those hoping for followups to beloved DICE IP like "Mirror's Edge" are likely going to be on standby for quite a while. Here's why DICE is shifting all of its effort to fixing "Battlefield 2042," as well as what will be falling by the wayside.

Abandoning Battlefield 2042 means abandoning fans

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, DICE General Manager Rebecka Coutaz went into some detail about the tumultuous release of "Battlefield 2042" — and how it fueled a desire to improve the game. Coutaz had only just joined the company as negative press and fan disappointment followed the release of "Battlefield 2042," alongside a staggering number of losses from DICE's leadership pool. Coutaz was left to pick up the pieces, installing a new team with a focus on fixing "Battlefield 2042."

Coutaz said, "Our players and community were disappointed, but so was our development team." Coutaz does feel like the team has made important progress though, citing positive player feedback to the recently released Season One in "Battlefield 2042."

It's important to Coutaz to make sure that the disappointment experienced with "Battlefield 2042" is not seen as par for the course. Coutaz affirmed DICE's goal, saying, "The team is here to make 'Battlefield,' and they're passionate about 'Battlefield.'" Unfortunately for fans of other DICE games, this means that riskier projects like the "Mirror's Edge" games are going to be fewer and farther between, which Coutaz sees as a necessary sacrifice.

Coutaz explained, "We are only focusing on 'Battlefield 2042.' There is no time for anything else and this is what we want to do."