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Neon White: How To Unlock The Main Hub

"Super Hot" and "Mirror's Edge" meets "The World Ends With You" in the high-speed, ultra-intense first-person shooter and puzzle solver, "Neon White." The funky new platformer by "Donut County" developer Ben Esposito has you playing the part of a supernatural assassin from hell engaged in a high-stakes race against other assassins, blasting your way through scores of demons for a chance to relocate to heaven. The breakneck gameplay is punctuated by visual novel style story segments that are heavily reminiscent of the "Persona" series, complete with anime cliches and campy voice acting to match. Whether this is a flaw or a feature of the game is a matter of taste, of course, but according to PCgamer, the addicting playstyle is more than enough to earn overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

Still, whether the extravagantly dramatic anime style is your cup of tea or not, those cutscenes are necessary to progress the game after a certain amount of completed levels — not to mention, the optional story content is the key to unlocking more optional gameplay content. You'll definitely want to unlock the Main Hub, where you can wind down and interact with NPCs in between levels: here's how.

Don't over-grind the tutorial levels

Thankfully, the Main Hub is available for unlock after completing the first ten stages, according to PCGamer. The game doesn't exactly let you know that, however, and it's tempting to hang back and try to grind your best times on the tutorial levels — but you'll have plenty more time to come back to them, as well as access to more content after getting set up, so make sure to step back and unlock the hub as soon as you can.

It's also worth noting that there are hidden Gifts in the platforming levels that you can give to NPCs for additional cutscenes and sidequests. As with unlocking the Main Hub, these are more than worth slowing down and looking for: Not only do they provide more insight into the central mystery of the plot and the play character's connection to the rest of the cast, they offer their own challenges that'll most likely have you using your cards to their full potential.

The bottom line? Experiment, have fun, but don't be afraid to slow down and explore. "Neon White" is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, and PC through the Steam storefront.