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Gotham Knights Has A 'Funny' Approach To Multiplayer

The upcoming game "Gotham Knights" is close enough to taste with an upcoming Oct. 25, 2022 release date. After delays, fans are particularly eager to finally get their hands on the title.

"Gotham Knights" will differ significantly from other Batman-centric games since the Dark Knight himself is dead at its start. Instead, an ensemble cast approach will center on the stories of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin among others – and as an added bonus, it's nice knowing the characters are portrayed by a talented and gorgeous cast.

"Gotham Knights" has already been keeping fans on their toes thanks to its novelty and a steady stream of updates from the folks behind it. While many first thought the game was part of the "Arkham" universe, its creators have confirmed that it exists in its own realm. That being said, "Gotham Knights" will likely appeal to the "Arkham" audience as well as other Batman fans.

Adding even more intrigue is the fact that "Gotham Knights" will feature online-only multiplayer co-op gameplay for up to four players, as well as classic solo gameplay. The intention was to capture the dynamic duo vibes of Batman and Robin and expand it beyond that, so players into the teamwork aspect of hero life in Gotham City are in for a treat. That being said, the "Gotham Knights" developers have revealed an interesting quirk to the multiplayer mode.

Gotham Knights devs share quirky multiplayer features

In a June 20, 2022 interview with Game Informer, "Gotham Knights" executive producer Fleur Marty and game director Geoff Ellenor shared some juicy details on the unique approach they're taking to multiplayer. For starters, the game is flexible enough that players can complete it in either solo or multiplayer mode from start to finish, or a combination of the two approaches.

As for matchmaking, players have the options to invite friends, play with strangers, or both. As Ellenor explained, "we have co-op takedowns designed to showcase the physicality of the characters working together," so players can enjoy a truly complimentary co-op experience. Ellenor went on to share that "there's a lot of synergy in how one hero's ability influences the fight versus another." This is particularly true for Nightwing, who has protective abilities.

When asked if two players could choose the same main character and still fight together, Ellenor said, "you can make it as weird as you want to." Marty went on to explain that there's even an Easter egg for those who take this unique approach. In her words, "I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a funny moment in the game if you are playing as two of the same character. We're giving you complete freedom." It'll be interesting to see which duo of twin characters is involved in this hidden moment, as well as how fans react when they discover it upon the Oct. 25, 2022 release of "Gotham Knights."