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Bailey From Outriders Worldslayer Is Gorgeous In Real Life

2021's "Outriders" is a title that's too often overlooked by gamers. Both critics and fans agree that Outriders featured an amazing innovative combat system that felt unlike anything before. However, one aspect of the game that many weren't fond of was the game's story — but that's not saying there weren't a few standout characters.

One fan-favorite character was Bailey, voiced by Quebec actor Catherine Bérubé. Bailey was the right hand to the Grand Marshal of Trench Town, Victor Corrigan. The character was unique to those around her as, unlike magic wielders such as Channa, Bailey wasn't a fan of the mystic arts. However, after an unfortunate turn of events, Bailey got the chance to wield immense magical power and used it to square off against the player in one of the most memorable boss fights in the game.

Now, thanks to the upcoming "Outriders Worldslayer" expansion releasing on June 30th, players are once again entering the world of the game. "Outriders Worldslayer" has many new features to entice players, such as a brand new story, an upgraded end game system, and four new classes with special Skill and Pax Trees. Now that players are jumping back into "Outriders," it's time to look back at one of the most memorable characters from the series that many find gorgeous in real life.

She starred in one of the biggest gaming franchises

Many gamers may have already recognized Catherine Bérubé for her role in "Assassins Creed Unity." Bérubé played Élise de la Serre, an important character in the story who was both the adoptive sister and lover of the game's main character Arno Dorian. In addition to providing the character's voice, Bérubé was motion-captured for the role, granting her likeness to the character. For some gamers, the free-spirited character of Élise was the highlight of "Assassins Creed Unity," with Bérubé to thank for it.

Additionally, many Canadians may have already seen her face pop up on television. Bérubé has acted in multiple popular French-speaking shows airing in Quebec. Some of these more popular shows include "Les Jeunes Loups," "Toute la vérité" and the award-nominated, "19-2" (per MontrealGazette). She has also played minor roles in English-speaking shows such as "Sophie," "Being Human," and "Human Trafficking." By looking at her career trajectory, it seems that both television and video games will see much more of the gorgeous Catherine Bérubé in the future.