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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Considering This Controversial Mechanic

"Halo: The Master Chief Collection" has come a long way in earning back the goodwill it lost with its disastrous launch eight years ago, when the producers themselves felt the need to apologize more than once. The compilation of classic "Halo" games has now earned positive reviews to make up for its troubled beginnings (via Metacritic). Like a plasma grenade, "The Master Chief Collection" has stuck around even as "Halo Infinite" has taken much of the spotlight. Recently, 343 Industries released a blog post detailing new and potential content for both the new game and the collection. However, one of the featured announcements for "The Maste Chief Collection" may not sit well with gamers who know of the baggage that has often accompanied free-to-play titles.

Halo Waypoint's blog post detailed a variety of updates to "Halo Infinite," including new cosmetics celebrating Pride Month, round three of the "Fracture: Entrenched" multiplayer event, and more. Meanwhile, "The Master Chief Collection" will be seeing new armor and modding capabilities added to "Halo Reach." But perhaps the most consequential announcement came with the "Halo" team's changes to Season Points, which are the main currency in multiplayer progression. This may translate to a microtransaction alternative to obtaining gear, but 343 Industries has not yet decided if it will follow through on this possibility.

Saying 'Halo' to Spartan Points

The Waypoint post detailed the team's intentions to rename the "Season Points" system to "Spartan Points." Blog writer Alex Wakeford called attention to the wide breadth of content made available to "The Master Chief Collection" players over years of continuous updates, which he acknowledged can prove daunting for some players. This lead into the discussion of new, buyable Spartan Points. In essence, players may eventually have the option to skip the usual grind involved in unlocking cosmetics through multiplayer matches.

"It is prudent to note here that we are happy with the current system of how players earn Spartan Points, by completing challenges and leveling up through play," Wakeford said, before clarifying the option to buy Spartan Points "would be an additive feature." The blogger said 343 Industries has only begun exploring the possibility, so a microtransaction alternative to grinding still may not come to pass.

The very mention of the word "microtransactions" has become super-charged in gaming culture, often seen as one of its most grimy offenses. Fortunately, 343 Industries has long demonstrated its dedication to improving "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" over time, meaning fan feedback may truly matter as the developer considers adding buyable Spartan Points.