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The Hidden Hugh Hefner Tribute You Missed In Grand Theft Auto

"Grand Theft Auto 5" is a bit of a wonder. The title still holds an irresistible allure after nearly a decade; something just keeps players coming back. Part of the beauty of the game is that it's multifaceted enough to have something for just about every player. Some come for the never-ending multiplayer world of "GTA Online," others to uncover the secrets of things like the "Lost" hatch or find hidden movie references, and some just for the chaos-tinged reflection of life the series has always been known to offer. 


Within the odd parody of life showcased by "Grand Theft Auto 5," there are some striking similarities to real people and places in the real world — and sometimes even flat-out crossovers. If seeing Dr. Dre appearing in "Grand Theft Auto" wasn't enough to sate celebrity-hungry fans, players might take a particular interest in a certain in-game locale where a who's-who of stars congregate. If the scantily clad partygoers and grotto don't catch players' attention, then the mention of a certain "Hef" will. 

Where is the Playboy Mansion in GTA 5?

As shown off by YouTuber Dynasty, players can find Richman Mansion — a tribute to the Playboy Mansion — in the most northwestern point of Los Santos, next to the golf course. Pulling up, it will initially appear as though gates bar entry to the property, but they'll automatically slide open when players get close enough. The long, winding driveway leads to a courtyard with a fountain at the front of the building — just like the real-life Playboy Mansion has. 


Though players aren't able to go inside the impressive estate, the real fun is happening in the backyard. Heading around the right side of the mansion and through a lovely garden area, players will find themselves on the back end of the property staring down the infamous grotto illuminated by pink and blue neon lights. Here in the evenings, the celebrities and revelers of the "Grand Theft Auto 5" world come to party. Players can expect to see more than a couple scantily clad individuals and even hear name-drops of the legendary "Hef" — presumably a reference to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner — from time to time. 

What's the significance of the Playboy Mansion?

The Playboy Mansion has resided as a pop-cultural icon for merriment and debauchery alike for years. As Fancy Pants Homes outlines, Hugh Hefner's LA home had been drawing the interest of those intertwined with tinseltown — and those looking for the Playboy brand of entertainment — since the magazine mogul first purchased the property in 1971. While "Grand Theft Auto 5" gets the broad strokes by including a depiction of the mansion's grotto and plenty of partygoers showing skin, the real Playboy Mansion had a lot more on offer to entertain guests. Those lucky enough to snag an elusive invite might've spent some time in the aviary, or even the separate building built just for games.


Though the Playboy Mansion's status has persisted over the years, there's been decidedly less merriment in the location since the passing of Hugh Hefner in 2017. One year before Hefner's death, the mansion estate was sold to neighbor and Hostess Brands co-owner Daren Metropoulos. In 2021, Daily Mail reported that the property was still in the midst of an extensive remodel started by Metropoulos in 2019.

While it seems like the general public won't be seeing too much of the Playboy Mansion any time soon, players can always take virtual trip to a convincing tribute in "Grand Theft Auto 5."