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Diablo Immortal: The Best Methods To Level Up Paragon Faster

Want to grind Paragon Levels in "Diablo Immortal"? This latest Diablo experience from Activision Blizzard might include pay-to-win tactics, and it might've crossed an unfortunate milestone soon after it hit the market, but there are ways to indulge in the fun without spending. One of the ways players feel tempted to spend is with leveling, which we'll explain in this guide.


Some players get frustrated from how slow progress can seem after reaching Paragon levels. These higher-tier levels come after you max out at level 60. Your experience bar will change from yellow to green to indicate that it's Paragon levels from there. Of course, you can level up naturally by completing quests and beating up monsters like in a typical RPG. Unfortunately, "Diablo Immortal" is also one of those games where players might feel tempted to spend to progress faster.

If you're still interested in leveling the good old-fashioned way, here's what you should do. These are the best methods for leveling up Paragon faster.

Complete daily goals like Bounties

Grind through as much of the "Diablo Immortal" Battle Pass for the extra XP. It has multiple pages of goals to complete for XP bonuses, which often involve simple tasks or things you would've thought to do naturally to progress in the game. Completing Battle Pass quotas should also reward you with funds and other resources helpful to your journey. It's especially crucial for free-to-play players, considering how much it offers for even the free version. In short, the Battle Pass is a highly cost-effective option because of the number of XP bonuses for reasonable goals. 


Bounties, another daily staple in the game, also earn you bonus XP. You can claim up to eight Bounties every day from the Bounty Board in Westmarch, as shown by ZaFrostPet on YouTube. These quests typically don't take much time to complete and add up if you do them daily. Completing Bounties also tends to overlap with Battle Pass goals. In that case, it's like hitting two birds with one stone. However, some F2P players advise against completing too many Bounties at once because of the limited BP you can earn in a week. 

Activate the Massacre Multiplier

"Diablo Immortal" — and most "Diablo" games — has a mechanic called the Massacre Multiplier that raises the XP a player gains from each kill after eliminating multiple enemies in a short time. The multiplier grows stronger with each kill after it activates until 100, which is the max. That's 100 kills to reach 100, after which the multiplier is constant. One YouTuber showed off their 5800 killstreak, which netted them a massive amount of XP.


The Massacre Multiplier comes in handy during raids and other points in the game where you're facing multiple enemies in close-combat because of how many kills you can chain together, bumping up the multiplier with each one. Of course, it won't work as well for moments where there aren't enough enemies to take advantage of. 

Just keep killing to chain together kills that count toward the Massacre Multiplier. If you have trouble killing multiple monsters at once, you can try whittling down the health of nearby enemies until they're just about ready to go. Then, kill them as quickly as possible (which will be possible because of their low health) to activate the Massacre Multiplier and continue. It can be especially helpful to team with others in a raid so that you can take on stronger enemies and maintain the multiplier longer. Difficulty levels also make a difference with how much experience you earn. 


"Diablo Immortal" is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android.