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How Long Does It Takes To Beat Outriders Worldslayer?

The third-person shooter MMO, "Outriders," didn't get off to the best start. When the game first hit shelves in April 2021, it was plagued with issues from server problems to game-breaking bugs that left a bad first impression on gamers. However, since then, "Outriders" has seen multiple updates that have fixed some of the more significant problems with the game. These fixes are just in time, as gamers everywhere are hopping back into "Outriders" to try out the new "Worldslayer" expansion.

"Worldslayer," like the base game, features the innovative deep combat system that made this third-person shooter a blast to play for many. Additionally, the expansion brings a brand new campaign and endgame for players to run and gun through.

Because "Worldslayer" is a looter shooter, many see speedrunning through the campaign and getting to the endgame as the goal, so playtime will differ from player to player. This expansion builds heavily on the endgame, adding the Trail of Tarya Gratar, a massive zone with branching paths, mini-bosses, and boss segments. In addition, "Worldslayer" adds two new ways to upgrade a character, Pax Points and Ascension levels. So how long does it take to beat "Outriders: Worldslayer?"

It takes around 5 hours to finish the Worldslayer campaign, but there's still more to do

MMORPG.com's Aaron Couture took around five hours to complete the entirety of the new story campaign. Couture said that they enjoyed the story and felt engaged throughout. However, after finishing the campaign, Couture wasn't impressed with the Trails of Tarya Gratar. Couture called the whole experience predictable and monotonous, and they didn't spend many hours on it because of this. They noted that there are 12 trials, each taking around 30 minutes to two hours to complete. Therefore, the endgame could add 6-24 hours to the game time.

Marshall Honorof from Tomsguide explained that it would take a player between six and 12 hours to get through the entirety of the campaign, but he noted that it would take dozens to hundreds of hours to max out the ascension levels. However, Honorof added that players could play at their own pace, and the game does not force gamers to hop on daily. So, in theory, players could play non-stop to upgrade their gear and levels without being time-gated.

Forbes' Paul Tassi reported that players could finish the "Worldslayer" campaign in as little as two hours if they play straight through. After the campaign, Tassi noted that Trails of Tarya Gratar added 25 new difficulty levels. He explained that these new difficult levels would stump many players and force them to replay the same trials multiple times, adding to the game time. Finally, he noted that the $40 price tag may be hard to swallow for many, considering how short the campaign is.