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If You Still Can't Get A Steam Deck, You're In Luck

As manufacturing problems continue to plague production across multiple industries, even causing shortages of PS5s more than a year and a half after launch, Valve has some good news. Valve said back in February that as time went on Steam Decks would be produced faster and a recent tweet from the company seems to confirm just that. On June 27 Valve tweeted from the Steam Deck account, "Hello! Some great news on the production front. We just sent the last batch of Q2 emails, and we'll start sending Q3 reservation emails on the 30th. Production has picked up, and after today we'll be shipping more than double the number of Steam Decks every week!"


This tweet provides a few pieces of information about how production is going for Valve. Q2 for the Steam Deck was April through June, so the fact that those orders were completely fulfilled before the end of the month means that Valve isn't having any issue fulfilling its orders currently. Moving forward, Valve plans to ship double the number of Steam Decks every week, so the company could possibly get through all of the Q3 orders well before the quarter ends. If you really can't wait to find out when you might get your Steam Deck, there are other ways to estimate when you will get it.

The Steam Deck subreddit has a system for estimating Steam Deck orders

A stickied post on the Steam Deck subreddit includes a link to a Google form that will help gamers know roughly how much longer they might have to wait to get an email invitation to order the handheld device. The form asks for your country, Steam Deck model, and what time your pre-order states it was placed, so you don't have to worry about giving up any personal information like your Steam name.


The list cross references with everyone else who ordered and filled out the form and tells you have many minutes ahead of you the Steam Decks that are currently shipping out were pre-ordered. Currently, the majority of people receiving Steam Decks and expecting them in Q3 ordered the day pre-orders went up, they just did it a few hours later. While it isn't an exact science, the difference between being 1 to 2 minutes behind as opposed to 10 minutes can let you know if that email is coming soon or not.