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Sony Makes An Exciting Claim About PS5 Stock

The PlayStation 5 has been on the market for a little more than a year and a half now, but that doesn't mean that everyone who wants one has one. The console has been notoriously difficult to get a hold of thanks to some big stock shortages. The global pandemic did a number on electronics companies like Sony. It simply hasn't had the means to create enough supply for the enormous amount of demand the fifth PlayStation generation has created. 

Desperate fans have either had to glue their eyes to the internet searching for the latest restock information or buy the console from scalpers at a heavily inflated price. However, all of the waiting may be close to an end. A recent investor presentation revealed a sad reality for the PS4, but plenty of good news for those eager to jump into the PS5 generation. 

Sony projects PS5 could overtake the PS4 by 2024

In the presentation, Sony executive Jim Ryan pointed out that, during an impressive launch window, the PS5 outsold its predecessor. Unfortunately, sales lagged behind the PS4 quickly due to the combined factors of the global pandemic, the resulting component shortage, and even Russia's war in the Ukraine. The pandemic caused issues for tech companies of every kind, but the presentation claimed that the situation in Ukraine had a negative impact on the company's logistics.

Now for the good news. With some careful mitigation measures in place, Sony aims to hit a more stable level of PS5 stock by 2024 and even continue to outsell the PS4 by then. This'll be an impressive feat if the gaming giant can pull it off. Just a short while ago, Sony said in an earnings report that its PS5 sales were 3.3 million behind the initially projected numbers. That's a fairly large gap, but, if the investor presentation is to be believed, it's a gap that Sony thinks it will be able to make up for. 

Waiting until 2024 for more stable stock might not sound ideal for fans that have already been waiting so long just for the chance to buy a PS5, but there may be even more good news by that time. Thanks to rumors sparked by an alleged PS5 Pro leak, delaying may be the best course of action. If a new model of the PS5 is revealed by the time stock stabilizes, the base PS5 might become more affordable. Or stock issues could begin for the latest model and fans can start hunkering down for those instead.