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Raft: How To Build A Battery

"Raft" has been around since 2018 in early access, but the title received its final chapter in 2022 and is now considered complete. Gamers everywhere are jumping back into "Raft" or experiencing it for the first time thanks to the new content. "Raft" is a game all about survival. Players start with nothing more than a plank under them in the middle of a vast ocean and are tasked with surviving the harsh weather and deadly environments. The best way they can protect themselves is harvesting resources and crafting helpful items for their floating abode. All of this must be done while carefully monitoring their character's hunger and conditions.

Similar to "Minecraft," the items required for crafting advance in "Raft" along with the player. Devices powered by Planks aren't enough to sustain a player in the late game, and they need to get ahold of a more effective energy source. Specifically, all electrical devices in "Raft" run on Batteries, making Batteries an integral item in the end stages. But Batteries can be a hassle to get a hold of, especially if players don't know how to craft them. Here's how to build a Battery in "Raft."

Harvest those resources

The initial step to building a Battery is harvesting all the required materials. The first resource players need is one Copper Ingot. Copper Ingots are acquired through smelting Copper, an ore found underwater around islands. Next, players need to get ahold of six pieces of Plastic. Thankfully, Plastic is easy to find as it is often floating in the ocean where players can collect it with their hands or a Plastic Hook. Finally, players also need three pieces of Scrap. Scrap is another easy material to find, often located underwater near reefs or salvaged from Barrels and Vacated Rafts.

After collecting all the materials, players must craft a Research Table via 14 Plank and two pieces of Scrap. They must then put the Copper Ingot in the research table to unlock the Battery recipe, which allows them to craft Batteries directly in their inventory. Players will need a lot of Batteries, as everything from Electric Purifiers, Electric Grills, Juicers, and Sprinklers all require Batteries. Players must be careful, though, because Batteries die after 50 uses. Luckily, they can build a Battery Charger with 15 Plastic, five pieces of Scrap, one Circuit Board, and Four Titanium ingots.