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Outriders Worldslayer: How To Beat Commander Ereshkigal

The "Outriders Worldslayer" expansion offers players a new story campaign to loot and shoot their way through, among other new mechanics. Both reviewers and fans agree that the Combat in "Outriders Worldslayer" feels just as satisfying as it was when the base game launched in 2021. Unfortunately, however, many have felt the expansion's story leaves much to be desired.

There are a few exciting encounters found in the game's campaign, though. For example, the final boss fight against the expansion's main antagonist, Commander Ereshkigal, is a memorable battle that keeps players on their toes. But defeating this boss is no easy feat. Because of this, forming a group with a balanced team comp is recommended to mitigate some character's shortcomings. Players can also lower their character's Apocalypse Tier (the game's unique difficulty system) to soften up the fight further. Finally, if players are still having trouble with the boss, there are some tips and tricks that can help players take down the final boss with ease.

Duck, dodge, and roll to beat Ereshkigal

The key to defeating Commander Ereshkigal in "Outriders Worldslayer" is to focus on spacing and dodging her attacks. Throughout the fight, players should stay a safe distance away from the boss and concentrate on letting off ranged attacks while dodging her tendrils. Ereshkigal has a brief period between her attacks where she is especially vulnerable, and players should capitalize on this by maximizing their damage in bursts.

However, once Ereshkigal takes flight, she controls the floor by launching red skulls across the field. While in the air, Ereshkigal is also invulnerable, so players should focus on dodging to keep from being in the red zone when the explosions go off. Additionally, Ereshkigal sometimes does flybys that players must avoid by rolling to the left or right.

Because Commander Ereshkigal is the final boss of "Outriders Worldslayer," players will be rewarded handsomely upon achieving victory. First, players will receive a Pax Point that is used to upgrade the player's Pax Tree. There are only five Pax Points in "Outriders Worldslayer," each being rewarded at the end of a major story section. Players will also receive an Ascension point that lets them convert XP into a wide range of useful passives. And like every boss in "Outriders," Commander Ereshkigal also drops randomized gear for players to pick up. Although Commander Ereshkigal is a hard boss at first glance, she shouldn't give patient players too much trouble. And players will likely feel the need to farm the boss upon completion, as she could potentially drop some impressive loot.