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This Joke From EA Has Developers In An Uproar

Electronic Arts is a games company many will recognize for its popular multiplayer series "FIFA," "Battlefield," and "Madden." However, EA is not known for having a stellar reputation. It's quite the opposite, in fact, as many gamers have grown to hate EA over the past decade. A lot of this hatred can be traced back to EA's shift away from single-player games in favor of producing multiplayer titles (per Kotaku). Many believe this is because EA makes much more money from its multiplayer games. After all, the company often includes loot boxes in its multiplayer titles that keep them making loads of money well after their respective release dates.

Many have called out EA for its loot boxes in the past, like streamers NickMercs and Trainwrecks, who pointed out the company's hypocrisy regarding gambling. EA is hated for more than just loot boxes, though. Recently, EA made the controversial speak out on some major issues. But before the discussion about EA's last controversy had a chance to die down, EA returned to tweet out a simple joke. Instead of chuckles, gamers and developers in the community quickly took offense to it and weren't shy about airing out their grievances.

Gamers still like single-player games

On June 30, EA Tweeted, "They're a 10 but they only like playing single-player games." This is a variation of the popular internet meme where a person follows up the "She's a 10 But" statement with what they believe to be a negative trait. Unsurprisingly, the response to the Tweet was overwhelmingly negative, with many gamers openly discussing their offense. Famous social media personalities like Videgamedunkey wrote, "How are your tweets worse than your games?" alongside thousands of fans who also expressed their disapproval.

It wasn't just consumers posting in the replies. Game developers got involved, too — even some developers that previously worked for EA. For example, former EA employee Zach Mumbach pointed out that EA allegedly shut down his studio solely because it was working on a single-player game. Mumbach also went on to criticize the overall quality of EA's games. On top of this, even current EA employees like Patrick Weekes at EA Bioware were displeased, writing, "Thinking about working until midnight for the better part of a year to help ship Mass Effect 2." "Mass Effect 2" of course, was published by EA that and on to become incredibly successful for the company.

EA has since stated that the community's negative response to the tweet was "well deserved." Whether EA will speak more on the tweet is uncertain.