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American Arcadia - What We Know So Far

Already selected to be part of the 2022 Tribeca Festival, "American Arcadia" has the stage set for success. Since it comes from indie "Call of the Sea" developer Out of the Blue Games and publisher Raw Fury, it has big shoulders to stand on.


"American Arcadia" had its first big moment in the spotlight at the June 9, 2022 Summer Game Fest with a reveal trailer, though the game was first announced on April 26, 2022. Back then, the entry was described as a single-player action title combining 2.5D side-scroller elements with modern 3D gameplay, though there's a lot more that makes the project unique.

Geoff Keighley introduced "American Arcadia" at the Summer Game Fest, saying, "You play Trevor, whose life is being televised with the viewing population constantly voting you up or down. When you become unpopular, you need to start running for your life." Ambitious and multifaceted, there is a lot left to discover about "American Arcadia." The good news is there are also a bunch of details that will give gamers a clear glimpse at what's to come. Here's what's known so far.


American Arcadia release date

At the moment, there's no release date or window for "American Arcadia." It's impossible to know when this may come, but there was one hint shared on Twitter. Though the timeline wasn't too specific, the developers at Out of the Blue mentioned that the game has been in the works for months. There has also been talk about the star-studded roster of voiceover actors, which may suggest that some aspects of the title's development are in the past, though there's no guarantee how far along it is.


Though players might be disappointed by the lack of a release target, they'll be happy to know that the side-scroller is coming to both PC and consoles, as revealed at the end of the announcement trailer. "American Arcadia" can currently be added to gamers' Steam wishlists, and as of now, it's unknown exactly what consoles it will be playable on. More than likely, there will be options for Xbox and PlayStation since "Call of the Sea" is available on both of those consoles in addition to PC.

American Arcadia trailer

The fast-paced, 90-second announcement trailer for "American Arcadia" opens with an older man speaking about "a city where technology and science go hand in hand with fun and entertainment." The camera zooms out to reveal a woman watching the video of the man on a TV. The woman reveals that she is his granddaughter, and she's proud that her grandfather's dream came true in the form of Arcadia, a city full of luxurious, laid-back living that spans 43 square miles. The catch? Everything is "broadcast live 24 hours a day, seven days a week on every digital platform."


Things take a turn quickly as a subject trying to escape is spotted on camera, and the woman gives the command to halt the broadcast. Viewers next see the man in question running all around the city, dodging helicopters, cars, and more while navigating the terrain. The woman from the broadcast addresses the camera, emphasizing that the man (revealed to be Trevor Hills) must not get out.

As the camera zooms out to show a computer screen and desk, an unknown voiceover addresses Trevor directly, offering to help him escape and urging him to exercise caution.

American Arcadia gameplay

In addition to the details revealed in its introduction to the world, the "American Arcadia" website provides a deeper look into the game's mechanics. It seems "American Arcadia" won't be limited to one genre, since it's described as a puzzle-platformer, as well as the previous references to it as an action game.


Not only is everything in Arcadia televised – the people living there are blissfully unaware of this fact. The reality show is the most popular in the world, and that high status is maintained through viewer upvotes and downvotes that can quickly turn into a death sentence for unpopular characters. Though Arcadia has its futuristic elements, it also leans on a charming '70s aesthetic. 

Players experience the game through Trevor's eyes as a documentary, complete with interrogations and interviews to use as evidence. In addition to taking on the role of Trevor, gamers will play from the perspective of reality show producer Angela, who is trying to help him escape (via Kotaku). Interestingly enough, the plot jumps between the two points of view. Players may also notice that Trevor's gameplay is 2.5D side-scrolling, while Angela's is 3D, as detailed by GamesRadar+.


There's plenty of mystery left when it comes to "American Arcadia," and for those interested in playing, that's all part of the mind-bending fun.