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TMNT: Shredder's Revenge: Where To Find Every Secret Diary

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge" juggles a story designed to appeal to fans of the original cartoon along with retro-inspired action from the beat 'em up genre. Some of that gameplay brings characters from the TV series into the story mode, where they offer points for fulfilling Special Requests. In the case of Irma, a friend of April O'Neil, she tasks the player with locating her Secret Diaries. 

Irma's five Secret Diaries are scattered throughout the title's 16 episodes. Thankfully, you can find them all in the first half of your playthrough within a few episodes of each other. However, you need to activate the request before you even start collecting.  To do this, find Irma in Episode 2, "Big Apple, 3pm." She's in the apartment area behind the door between two wiggling trash cans.

After you rescue Irma, talk to her to activate the Special Request. The first Secret Diary is in the same episode — just keep progressing until you pass a parking garage with a blue mailbox and bust it open. The rest of the collectibles are in the following episodes. Here's how to find every Secret Diary in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge."

Find the Secret Diaries and collect your points

The second Secret Diary is hidden in a trash can in Episode 4. It's a cylindrical, dark greenish-gray number that looks like something Grover would pop out of in "Sesame Street." Watch for it once you reach a park bench between two statues. It's nearby a fire hydrant and some foot soldiers eating popsicles. 

The third Secret Diary can be found in the subway station at the beginning of Episode 5. It's in one of the magazine racks, which look like those in real-life city subways. You should pass a blocked off escalator and stairway before seeing the racks next to a vending machine along with some enemies waiting for you. 

The fourth Secret Diary is in another trash can. This time, it's in a mall food court beside a "Tacos" joint in Episode 6. It's one of those brown-gray trash cans often seen in fast food restaurants. Hit it to unveil the diary. 

The fifth and final Secret Diary can be found in a toolbox next to a wooden bridge made from a large plank of wood. Just before you cross, you should see the red toolbox. Smack it (and any enemies in the area) to collect the final diary.

Revisit Irma at her apartment after uncovering all five Secret Diaries. She'll be waiting in the doorway and will reward you with 75 points.