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Serial Cleaners Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

People can say what they will about stagnation among the AAA movers and shakers in the video game industry, but indie developers are still churning out interesting new projects. Take "Serial Cleaners" as an example, a game that charges players with cleaning up crime scenes and eliminating evidence while avoiding the long arm of the law. 

The title isn't a wholly new idea, serving as the sequel to and next evolution of Draw Distance's prior "Serial Cleaner." But between the entry's aesthetic and gameplay that looks akin to "Metal Gear Soli" meets "Hitman," "Serial Cleaners" is shaping up to be a delightful deviation from typical stealth offerings.

While "Serial Cleaners" is still a little ways away, there is a good deal of information available about it already. Here's everything you need to know.

Is there a release date for Serial Cleaners?

Prospective players have already patiently waited through a delay and it's about to pay off. In two short months fans will be able to sink some time into "Serial Cleaners." Though "Serial Cleaners" was originally slated for release sometime in 2021, it's now known that the crime cleaner will release this year. "Serial Cleaners" is set to launch September 22 and will be available on all major platforms.

It seems that the game can't come soon enough for some fans, as their excitement pours out of the comments section of every announcement. One fan wrote, "Wow, an actually innovative game." Many have issued similar praise, lauding the creativity of the title and the aesthetic. Another user said, "This sounds like a very cool and original movie premise where a group of people are [sent] off to clean a few cartel's or serial killers mess to earn money."

Is there a trailer for Serial Cleaners?

"Serial Cleaners" offers a different kind of stealth gameplay where players don't take on the role of a hero or noble thief, but a criminal crime scene scrubber. 20 years after his exploits in "Serial Cleaner," main character Bob is still hard at work offering his "cleaning" service, only now with a supporting crew of newcomers.

The best trailer to give prospective buyers an idea of what "Serial Cleaners" has in store for them would be the Brand New Trailer uploaded to YouTube by the developer. The short video showcases a character scoping out a building before entering to sneak around (and sometimes disable) pesky police investigators. The sequence also highlights a variety of ways players can interact with the environment, which includes hacking equipment and finding unique entry points.

There's also a Characters Trailer and a Story Trailer to help players familiarize themselves with the basic set-up and the personas involved. Additionally, the Gameplay Trailer presents a montage of clips incorporating the basic features of "Serial Cleaners" in a new snowy setting.

What will gameplay be like in Serial Cleaners?

"Serial Cleaners" is a stealth action title that incentivizes players to get in and out with as little commotion as possible. To aid in their efforts, there will be a wide array tools available. Like the Gameplay Trailer and Brand New Trailer highlight, players will whip out a vacuum cleaner to erase nasty blood splatter and dodge or incapacitate police to accomplish their goals.

As the Characters Trailer shows, players will be able to take control of one of four playable characters — each with their own strengths and skills. For example, Vip3r can hack equipment to create distractions and chaos while escaping in the other direction with the corpse. Regardless of the character, players will all have the same goal: clean up the crime scene and escape without drawing additional attention. 

Since "Serial Cleaner," Draw Distance has spent time making narrative-rich visual novels set within the "World of Darkness" universe, like "Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York," so there's a good chance the team's growing storytelling skills will carry over to its newest title.