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Fall Guys: How To Push And Throw Other Players

"Fall Guys" is finally free-to-play! Not only that, but you can join in on the fun whether you play on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox. Being available virtually everywhere and at the lovely price of zero dollars are some key reasons that the game quickly amassed more than twenty million players shortly after its relaunch in June. Another reason the game has seen so much success is that it's a real bundle of fun, all thanks to the game's overall simplicity and hilariously silly gameplay modes.


And while there's plenty of fun to be had alone, private matches with friends are a great option as well, especially if you like to drive your friends up the wall by fighting a bit dirty. While the majority of the gameplay in "Fall Guys" consists of jumping and diving, it's also possible to grab other players. If you play your cards just right, you can become the most dangerous obstacle in "Fall Guys" for your both friends and any other competitors unfortunate enough to cross your path.

Hold on loosely, but don't let go

In "Fall Guys," you have three main abilities at your disposal: jump, dive, and grab. On consoles, grabbing is bound to the larger shoulder button on the righthand side by default. On PC, the shift key will be your grab button. 


Now that you know how to grab, the key to using it to your advantage is knowing when to grab. Every level of "Fall Guys" is filled with goofy, game show-inspired obstacles. Giant swinging hammers, rolling boulders, and even aggressive rhino robots are between you and victory. Due to the simultaneously unfortunate and relieving fact that neither you nor other players can directly throw one another, you'll have to get creative with your grabs. Basically, make sure you can grab them in such a way that brings them with you or puts them in the way of an obstacle that will do the throwing for you.

For instance, after passing through a fan, you could wait on the other side ready to grab any unwitting players so that they get smacked away. Perhaps you could post up near a particularly perilous ledge and push them toward said ledge with all your might before they manage to wiggle free. Doing your best to help others get hit could bring the match's end (and your crown) that much closer. Grabbing is a bit awkward in "Fall Guys," but some clever timing and momentum can get you the same diabolical results you're after.


There's plenty of room to get creative when dooming your fellow "Fall Guys" beans via grabbing. Also, if you and another player happen to grab one another head on, you'll get an achievement for sharing a hug. How sweet!