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How IShowSpeed's Pokémon Fireworks Backfired Horribly

IShowSpeed is known for his over-the-top personality and exaggerated reactions to video games and other entertainment, but now he's gone viral for his explosive stunt yet. 

The YouTuber and Twitch streamer first skyrocketed in viewership thanks to his wild interactions with characters in the "Talking Tom & Friends" franchise, but the creator's outlandish personality has also gotten him into trouble. For example, he is permanently banned from all Riot games due to sexist comments made during a "Valorant" match, and he was also banned from Twitch for similar disturbing remarks made during a livestream (via Yahoo Sports). However, his controversies haven't slowed him down, as IShowSpeed now pulls in millions of viewers on his videos and maintains an impressive 9 million subscribers on YouTube.


In an effort to entertain his massive fanbase, IShowSpeed's stunts have only ramped up. For example, the YouTuber recently got kicked out of an amusement park due to his escapades. Although it may have been an accident, his latest stunt was so serious it prompted a response from the local fire department.

During a Fourth of July YouTube livestream, IShowSpeed did something he would soon regret. In celebration of the holiday, the YouTuber lit up a Pikachu firework in the middle of his room. He believed the firework was nothing more than a harmless noisemaker. However, as soon as he lit the Pikachu, it erupted into sparks.

Pikachu almost caught his house on fire

As the Pikachu sparkled and popped, IShowSpeed immediately started jumping around the room in a panic and screaming for his mom to help. All the while, the chat went wild with laughter and emojis. But it was no laughing matter in person: The room quickly filled with smoke and the house's fire alarm went off, all while the mother and son exchanged some heated words.


Thankfully, the firework eventually concluded, but the smoke engulfing the room remained. A few minutes later, a firefighter arrived to assess the situation. Viewers didn't get to see the firefighter's investigation, as IShowSpeed swiftly turned off the stream upon his mother's request. Soon after the incident, the YouTuber took to Twitter to ask his followers to pray for him and attached a crying emoji.

IShowSpeed is a streamer known for his shocking content, but this was one of his few streams that seemed like it could have resulted in serious harm to himself or his house. Thankfully, based on the video, it doesn't look like anyone was injured. Still, fans might want to stay tuned to IShowSpeed's Twitter account for future updates on the situation.