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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: How To Solve The Graveyard Puzzle

If you're a "Cuphead" fan, you're likely over the moon with joy now that the long-awaited "Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course" DLC has been released. Featuring an entire additional island of boss fights, the DLC has seen plenty of praise for its dazzling continuation of the signature art, animation, and music that the base game introduced back in 2017. That praise is a nice contrast compared to the "Cuphead" Netflix series that recently caused an uproar with its Season 2 confirmation.


Of course, with "Cuphead" being as notoriously challenging as it is, you might have a minor uproar yourself as you play through the DLC. Additionally, you might find yourself wondering how long it takes to beat "Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course." While it's certainly not as long as the base game, the DLC's bosses are challenging enough to offer substantial playtime to many. There are even a few secrets to be found in the DLC, and one of them in particular opens up an entire boss fight. All you have to do is dig around a graveyard.

Cryptic crypts and broken relics

First, the secretive graveyard can only be reached after defeating some bosses. Depending on which route you take, that will mean besting either Glumstone the Giant and Mortimer Freeze, or the Moonshine Mob and Esther Winchester. 


With the graveyard accessible, you should notice an inquisitive-looking ghost near the graves, as seen in GTS13's video. Chat with him, and he'll give you this cryptic bit of dialogue: "That contest of skill, that broken artifact, this eerie graveyard. There must be an order and method to it!" So what are the contest of skill and the broken artifact? Well, if you visit Porkrind's Emporium, you'll find the Broken Relic for sale. Nab it, equip it, and head to the northernmost part of the island.

Here you'll see three characters standing on a ranked podium. The solution to this puzzle is randomized for each player, so the key is to pay careful attention to the cardinal directions that they say. If the character standing on the third place podium says, "My pals cheered me on, but I let 'em down. Left the race in third," this means that the third gravestone you'll interact with will be "down left."


When interacting with the gravestones, reset yourself at the center tombstone each time. If the first place character mentions "up right," you'll interact with the grave that's to the "up right" of center. Touch the graves in the correct order, and the secret boss fight will be opened to you. Careful, though. It's a doozy.