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Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator - What We Know So Far

While the 2022 Summer Game Fest wasn't quite what everyone thought it would be, there were plenty of great, smaller titles that were announced and shown off at the show. Games like "Luto," "Lost In Play," and "The Last Faith" were great highlights from the show, but one of the most interesting and standout titles was "Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator."


Have you ever wanted to brew your own beer but decided against it because of the lengthy process? Or have you imagined the perfect flavor combinations for the next hit ale? Perhaps you've always wanted to try your hand at crafting beer but didn't want to invest in the equipment and source the perfect ingredients to make it worth it. Luckily, "Brewmaster" exists, and you can live out all your beer dreams from the comfort of your home without any massive financial investment. There's quite a lot of information about the game already, and eager fans are waiting to see just when the game will be released.

When is the release date for Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator?

Unfortunately, there's no direct release date for "Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator." It will be released at some point in 2022 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation according to the game's website. Considering the game was shown off 6 months into 2022, there's only a six month window until it could be released.


If you plan to play on PC, then there's a demo that anyone can download on Steam now. With that, you'll be able to get a taste of the various components of the game and how brewing beer at home works. Keep in mind that the title of the game is still in development, according to all the pictures on Steam. By downloading the demo or adding it to your wishlist, you'll be the first to know if the game does a surprise release or the name changes and becomes difficult to find.

Is there a trailer for Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator?

A gameplay trailer for "Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator" was shown off at the 2022 Future Games Show, and it introduces a good bit of the game. From the process of pouring your materials, collecting water from the sink, and mixing ingredients together, viewers got a firm grasp of what the game might look like.


The trailer also gives a bit of insight of how the game will play. You won't be controlling a character around the kitchen – you'll actually play in first-person. It also shows one of the recipes in the game, cluing viewers in to just how exact the science in the game is. The game's Steam page explains that it's a "realistic chemistry simulation" alongside a beer brewing simulator.

There's also plenty of gameplay available online because of the demo, and it seems that there's much more to the game than just crafting beer.

What is the gameplay like in Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator?

As expected in a game titled "Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator," the main focus in the game is crafting various beers. According to the game's website, you'll be able to do this by following recipes or in a sandbox mode where you can get as creative as you want. However, it also explains that there will be additional facets of the game.


In the story mode of the game, you'll actually be able to start from the bottom and create the perfect home brewing setup by participating in competitions to earn beer tokens. These tokens can be used to decorate your home and get better equipment.

While brewing the beer is most of the fun, you'll also be able to name and design your beer's label. Gain enough attention, and you'll be able to try getting your beer in a brewery and unlock jobs to take on. There are also recipes to perfect if you aren't feeling up to the creative aspect of the game.