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Dead By Daylight: How To Complete The White Glyph Challenge

"Dead By Daylight" continues to dominate in the asymmetrical horror multiplayer space, despite a few other games trying to get in on the action. The game's characters and villains are so popular that the studio is even making a dating simulator featuring the various horror villains created for the game. Whenever new villains are announced, the community latches on to them, like Ji-Woon inĀ All-Kill.


"Dead By Daylight" has continued to keep players engaged by adding different challenges and ways for players to level up outside of just performing well in multiplayer matches. One of these ways is by completing Glyphs. Glyphs come in multiple different colors, some locked to just Survivors, some just Killers, and some for both. These challenges can be activated from the Archive and offer big rewards, although they can be difficult to complete, with the White Glyph being the most difficult Glyph to complete by far. Here's how to complete the White Glyph Challenge in "Dead By Daylight."

How to complete the White Glyph Challenge

According to YouTuber Vinnie the Kielbasa King, the White Glyph Challenge must be completed as a survivor during a match. During a match you must find the White Glyph and take it to a specific location. That location is the basement, located in different places on different maps. Players should first find the basement and then search for the glyph. Once you find the glyph, a coin will take up an inventory slot and you must make your way to the basement to cash in the challenge.


The hard part is that multiple things can cause you to drop the coin, which will force you to restart the challenge. Fast vaulting, getting hit by the killer, failing a skill check, and falling from a great height can all cause you to drop the coin. If you drop the coin, you will have to find the glyph again and restart the whole process. That is why you should find the basement first, so you can plan out the shortest possible path back to it, to lessen the risk of dropping the coin.