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Dead By Daylight's Bizarre New Spinoff Is Turning Heads

Are you a fan of horror movies? Do you love peeking through your fingers to catch a glimpse of the terrifying killer as they chase protagonists to their doom? Have you ever seen Freddy Krueger and thought, "Gee, I'd love to date him." If that sounds like you, then Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind "Dead by Daylight," has got you covered. It recently announced the first spinoff title to its popular, multiplayer horror game where players will be able to romance some of their favorite serial killers and monsters. 


Behaviour Interactive started this year off pretty rough with a fairly disturbing reason behind an update to "Dead by Daylight," but it's been picking up steam again since. The title is always adding new characters and expanding upon the story of its universe with very recent announcement being a first for the franchise. Now, in an attempt to continue trying new things, Behaviour Interactive is working with the studio Psyop and will be releasing "Hooked On You," a "Dead by Daylight" dating simulator.

Dressed to Kill

Set on the lovely-sounding "Murderer's Island," players will have four eligible killers to choose from. The Trapper, the Huntress, the Wraith, and the Spirit have all been outfitted to look a bit more like they're enjoying their time on a sun-kissed island vacation instead of chasing teenagers through fields and abandoned factories. While we don't have any examples of gameplay yet, the game's official site states that players can expect to "find true love, forge friendships... or get hacked to death." As a staple of the dating simulator genre, players will have to choose their words very carefully in order to gain the favor of their prospective love interests. However, in this game, it would seem that failing to say the right thing might get you killed.


According to further details on the site, seems there will be a great deal of player choice in regards to what happens. "How you play can earn you multiple unique endings for each Killer, from passionate true love, to platonic friendship, to bitter loathing. Just like real dating!" Obviously, the game's tone will be fairly tongue-in-cheek, and the fact that Psyop is the same studio that created the "I Love You, Colonel Sanders!" KFC dating game means that players should expect a fun, goofy time. "Hooked On You" releases later this summer, and who knows? It might be the first of several spinoffs for "Dead by Daylight."