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Skull & Bones Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Five years after its initial reveal, Ubisoft's "Skull & Bones" is finally nearing release. Despite recent issues behind the scenes at Ubisoft, which were worse than anyone knew, this highly anticipated, open world pirate adventure game has survived — and it's almost here.


Since E3 2017, fans have gotten very little information regarding the game, save for its name and its general premise, which has apparently shifted over time. Thanks to an extensive report created by Kotaku last year, fans know that the development for the game has been through a pretty tumultuous eight years. All of the difficulties and changes in priority during development are likely the main reasons we've not heard much news on the title until now. 

With the game being featured in an extensive Ubisoft Forward presentation, players finally have loads of new information about the title. Here's what to expect when "Skull & Bones" finally releases.

Is there a release date for Skull & Bones?

Aimed at the holiday season, "Skull & Bones" is set to release on November 8. Ubisoft will also be following an emerging trend in the video game industry, as the game will not arrive on last-gen consoles. That means no Xbox One and no PlayStation 4. However, the game will be releasing on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, Google Stadia, and even Amazon Luna. 


Ubisoft has also announced that the game will, like many other current-gen releases, have a $70 USD price tag. That may sound a bit steep for a multiplayer-first title, but Ubisoft has also said that when it comes to post-launch content, "We are committed to provide fresh new content not just in the coming months, but for many years to come... These include in-game world events, ranging from bigger and deadlier challenges that you can take as a group, to smaller themed events, ships, weapons, furniture and many more." 

Post-launch details are limited beyond this explanation, but there will likely be more updates as November 8 gets closer.

Is there a trailer for Skull & Bones?

If you don't feel like watching the 40-minute+ Ubisoft Forward presentation, worry not. Ubisoft also uploaded separate videos for the new "Skull & Bones" cinematic trailer, a gameplay trailer, and even a third trailer focused on ship combat and character customization.


While the original "Skull & Bones" cinematic trailer from 2015 had a slightly different tone than the newer one, it's impressive to see just how much the technology has improved. Of course, these are pre-rendered CG trailers that aren't representative of the gameplay or visuals, but comparing the two and seeing the game's progress and change of vision over the last five years is interesting nonetheless.

The new cinematic trailer, for example, places a much greater emphasis on the concept of carving your own pirate story and living as a raucous and irreverent seadog. How you'll accomplish that is outlined in the two additional trailers. While the gameplay overview trailer illustrates the game's offerings as a whole, the ship combat trailer gives a slightly closer look at what commanding your very own pirate crew will look like. 


What is the gameplay like in Skull & Bones?

With two different trailers detailing the gameplay we can expect to see in "Skull & Bones," Ubisoft doesn't seem to have left many questions unanswered. After creating your custom, pirate-legend-to-be, you'll be given a small starting ship and set out into the vast Indian Ocean to begin making a name for yourself. 


While progressing your character through the game's infamy system and gathering loot are undeniably at the top of your to-do list, you'll also have to make sure that your ship is always well-stocked with supplies. This means the right types of weaponry, ammo for said weaponry, and even food for your crew. If you make the mistake of forgetting that last one, you'll have an angry, mutinous crew on your hands.

You'll definitely want your crew to be on your side, because gathering materials, crafting new ships, and taking on hostile ships will be a full-time job. Of course, teaming up with friends in online multiplayer should lighten the load for you as well.

If the mention of multiplayer makes you shudder, don't worry. From the sound of things, you'll have to opt-in to PvP servers. So, for those of you who despise the idea of having your seafaring romp interrupted by real humans, you have nothing to fear but other virtual pirates.