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Apex Legends Modder Proves Raging Really Can Be The Best Strategy

We've all shouted at our screen while playing games before. Whether it's joy, frustration, terror, or anger, sometimes you need let out your feelings. One "Apex Legends" player decided to harness this instinct to actually play the game. Now, he's showing off his new way to play on Reddit.


Modder and Redditor Rudeism created a specialized controller that he wears like a glove and responds to motion and sound. In a video he posted to demonstrate its use, he makes a finger-gun sign with his gloved hand and points it at his screen. He then makes machine-gun noises and other sounds, which causes his weapon to fire in the game. Rudeism not only demonstrates that the controller works, but that it can be very effective, scoring several kills in the short video.

This appears to be the perfect setup for those who feel the need to rage at their screens, turning shouting into shooting. Rudeism, however, seems delighted in the video. He cheers and laughs as he mows down competitors with his voice. He even declares "Dude, this is way too much fun." A cry which produces another volley from his rifle. He isn't the only one who enjoyed his new invention, though


Shout to Shoot

Rudeism's device got a great response on Reddit, with gamers congratulating him and marveling at the controller. Several people jokingly suggested ways to improve the device, including adding a Virtual Boy component and building the controller out of a Nintendo Power Glove, widely remembered as two of Nintendo's biggest mistakes. Rudesism seemed to appreciate the comments and even took the time to respond to some of them.


To the suggestion that he incorporate a Power Glove, he said that he may consider it in the future if he can get ahold of one in New Zealand where he lives. He also shared more details about how the controller works and how he built it. "Not the most elegant thing I've ever made, but it's a hell of a lot of fun," he said of the device.

It may not be the most insane game controller ever made but it still looks like plenty of fun and impressive technological achievement. We'll have to keep an eye on Rudeism and see what he comes up with next.