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How Many Ships Will Skull & Bones Have At Launch?

After hearing little to nothing about the game since its original reveal at E3 in 2017, Ubisoft's "Skull & Bones" is finally being released. Not only that, but fans have finally got a look at gameplay in the form of a fairly in-depth gameplay trailer

What's taken the game five years to deliver its very first look at gameplay? No one on the outside of Ubisoft really has an answer to that, but reports of workplace misconduct came pouring out of Ubisoft late last year, and various internal relaunches of the game have made it so that fans thought they'd never see "Skull & Bones."

Despite the troubled production, the team behind "Skull & Bones" seems to have been hard at work. Now, with a release date planned for November 8, 2022, fans of 17th century naval piracy can begin to get excited for what looks like a robust, seafaring adventure complete with multiplayer action, pillaging, and an exciting array of customizable ships. But just how many pirate ships will players be able to command when the game launches?

Get ready to trim your sails

Taking place in the Indian Ocean during the late 1600s, players in "Skull & Bones" will have to do all they can to master the art of steering enormous ships. Whether you're fulfilling contracts, delivering cargo, or blasting opposing ships to bits, you'll want to make sure you have the right ship for the job. This means taking advantage of the twelve different ships that will be available for players to craft at launch. 

While we don't know yet what each of these twelve vessels will offer, we do know that there are three different classes that ships can fall into. Cargo ships are capable of carrying more goods at the cost of being a bit slower, Navigation ships are quicker with less room for cargo and smaller amounts of HP, and Firepower ships have more gun ports but are more challenging to maneuver.

Also outlined in the gameplay trailer, there will be plenty of ways for players to customize pieces of their ships in order to meet one's personal playstyle. What's more, is with "Skull & Bones" being a live service game, there are most likely plans to add more ships, further customization options, and maybe even another ship class as time goes on. It remains to be seen what form the game's post-launch content will take, but with the game launching this year, we don't have too much longer to wait before we find out.