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Why #Noapexaugust Is Trending With Apex Legends Players

Respawn Entertainment's battle royale, "Apex Legends," is one of the most popular live-service online games. Initially released in 2019, "Apex Legends" has slowly but surely built a massive fanbase thanks to the game constantly adding new content like guns, maps, and events. For example, when Season 13 landed on the "Apex Legends" servers, it brought a new map, a new support character, and big changes to the ranked system. Additionally, smaller updates like the Awakening Collection give gamers plenty to do between seasons.


But despite the constant stream of new content coming the way of "Apex Legends" players, some are still unhappy about the state of the game. Specifically, some console players have reported major game performance issues that make the game basically unplayable. These issues include bugs, like awful input lag and shotty hit registration. This poor game performance has fans in an uproar, as they feel Respawn Entertainment isn't doing enough to remedy the situation. So now, some gamers are organizing group protests in hopes it will spark change at Respawn Entertainment.

Players are urging each other to boycott Apex in August

Since the release of the awakening event on June 21, Xbox Series X/S have reported unbearable input latency. Reddit posts, such as one from ApunpkinHobo, showcase just how bad the input lag is for some on Xbox hardware, with the video showing the player teleporting around the map with little control. Additionally, dozens of posts have reported hit registration worsening since the last update.


These issues have undoubtedly frustrated players, but Respawn Entertainment has taken steps to fix them. Specifically, Respawn Entertainment recently pushed out an update to fix the input lag on Xbox Series X and S consoles. However, many users like @LuckyChappyFB noted that the changes did little to help them. So now, "Apex Legends" players are getting desperate for some real change.

A now-deleted Reddit post with over 1800 upvotes urged players to boycott "Apex Legends" if the issues aren't fixed by August. The post urged at least half of Apex players to stop playing the game for the entire month, but that's no easy feat to accomplish. In response, some other users have been urging gamers to boycott the in-game store instead, as it's easier to do.


Only time will tell if Respawn Entertainment takes these complaints seriously and fixes these game-breaking issues, but if they don't, it could end up costing them.