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Ludwig Reveals Audience Interactions Gone Wrong

Popular YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren concluded his game show "Mogul Money" on July 2 with an ambitious "Mogul Money Live" event. The final episode was a stream filmed in front of a live audience. Fellow YouTuber Sykkuno was the victor and got to sit on the golden toilet at the end of the night. Since then, Ludwig has released more videos on YouTube and spoken on his podcast, "The Yard," about the event. Ludwig clearly had a good time with the passion project and had lots of positive things to say about the experience, the contestants, and the audience. Still, the night wasn't without its issues, including two scary encounters with out of control "fans."

In a July 7 YouTube video, Ludwig offered viewers a behind-the-scenes perspective of the event, complete with lots of details viewers wouldn't have otherwise known about. He discussed the logistics of organizing such a big event and how nervous he was putting it on. In addition to these interesting tidbits, Ludwig shared a couple of bizarre stories about meeting up with some particularly intense members of the audience.

Creepy Encounters

According to Ludwig, first incident involved a fan who, in an infiltration worthy of "Hitman" or "Metal Gear Solid," managed to make it past security to within view of the backstage. Once there, this person charged at a contestant before a bodyguard and Mogul Moves COO Nick Allen were able to restrain him. In telling the story, Ludwig emphasized that both the bodyguard and Allen are very large individuals, so it was shocking that it took both of them to overpower the assailant. He attributes the behavior and strength to drugs. "This person was deranged and on drugs," Ludwig claimed, guessing that the person may have been under the influence of PCP.

Compared to this incident, the second sounds much less exciting, though no less strange. After the show was finished, a seemingly inebriated member of the audience attempted to climb onto the stage and steal the spotlight. This second intruder was carried out of the venue by four security guards (one for each limb). Ludwig was able to share footage of this incident and took a moment to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it.

Between these encounters and the fact that he apparently lost $150,000 producing the show, one might expect that Ludwig would have some regrets about "Mogul Money Live," but that couldn't be further from the truth. Despite these disruptions, Ludwig still stressed that everyone else at the event was great. He also took a moment to praise the security personnel for their performance. Indeed, Ludwig said on Twitter that the event "was one of the greatest moments of [his] life."