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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How To Find Prized Mushroom

"Monster Hunter Rise" made a great impression on both critics and fans alike when it was released in 2021. Despite everyone thinking the game would be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it ended up coming to PC, letting a broader audience enjoy the game. A little over a year later and "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" was released, a DLC expansion that brought new monsters, new areas to explore, and even better combat mechanics to the game. While it wasn't a seventh game for the mainline series, it added plenty of content for fans to enjoy while they wait.

One of the new things that came with "Sunbreak" was the Master Rank quests. These quests introduce new challenges that aren't as easy as some players might expect, and one that has stumped plenty of players is the Prized Mushroom Picker quest. Luckily, the Mushrooms spawn in the same areas every time, so they're incredibly easy to get once you know where to go.

Prized Mushroom locations

In order to find Prized Mushrooms in "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak," you'll need to head to the Jungle, the first new location available in the DLC. From there, YouTuber Egle shows exactly how to get to one of the easiest locations of Prized Mushrooms. What you're looking for is a Mushroom Colony, which can be harvested for multiple mushrooms, including Prized Mushrooms.

When you go to the Jungle, fast travel to the Sub Camp in the middle of the map. From there, you'll travel out of the camp via the trail and jump off the cliff, going toward the right. You'll notice a cave-esque area that you can go in on the right side – don't go into it. Instead, follow the wall further into the jungle. Once you do that, there's a trail to follow, and a Mushroom Colony is on the left side of the trail. Luckily, there's not too many places you can venture to from this area, so it's hard to get lost.

If you need more for the quest (or just to have for your own uses), then grapple up the wall directly to the right of the Mushroom Colony. Once you get up there, walk to the left and climb up the two ledges that will stand in your way. After getting up there, climb the cliff to the right. At the top of the cliff is a Mushroom Colony, with another on a small ledge on the side of the cliff.