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Genshin Impact: Every New Character Coming To The 3.0 Update

Many people may have seen "Genshin Impact" as a simple "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" clone when it was first released, but it has since grown to very much have its own identity in the gaming sphere. It has now reached the point where it currently boasts an average of over 60 million players (via Dexerto). Part of the way miHoYo Technology has achieved this is by giving the free-to-play game massive content updates that not only bring new quests and loot to the players, but also provide a wealth of new characters for them to recruit and use. There are currently 50 playable characters available in the game – and there are about to be a few more.

Fans have eagerly been awaiting the upcoming "Genshin Impact" 3.0 update ever since the new region, Sumeru, was teased during the last moments of the 2.8 livestream that the developers released in early July. It appears to be a place full of vibrant plantlife, sandy beaches, and new towns for players to explore. Now, miHoYo has just revealed the three new characters that players will be able to recruit in the land of Dendro: Tighnari, Collei and Dori.


The first of the new characters coming to "Genshin Impact" in the 3.0 update is a young man named Tighanari. An image of him was recently shared by the official "Genshin Impact" Twitter account along with the quote, ""I brought back a specialty from the desert, two packs of honeyed dates, which helps to replenish your energy, whether in the morning or at night." —An [anonymous] source." There are then several bulleted terms listed beneath the quote: Tighnari, Verdant Strider, Avidya Forest Watcher, Dendro and Vulpes Zerda. The first point is obviously his name, but the rest seem to be referencing information about the character.

The term Vulpes Zerda is particularly interesting because it is the Latin name for a Fennec, which is a type of small fox with large ears that lives almost exclusively in deserts and other arid regions (via Animal Diversity Web). Like the Fennec, Tighnari has large, pointed ears and a big bushy tail. The term Dendro refers to one of the seven elements. It is plant-based magic.

Some of the characters' gameplay may have already been leaked as well. YouTuber WhyuKs posted a video that shows the fox-boy shooting a bow that utilizes his Dendoro abilities. The arrow is covered in vines before splitting into several rays of green light that all fix on a certain point and burst on impact. Tighnari then begins playing with a glowing orb that seems to change shape.


The second character profile that the "Genshin Impact" Twitter account posted about was a green-haired, bow-wielding girl named Collei. Her picture came with a quote from Amber, stating "Oh, you're going to Sumeru? Can you give my regards to Collei? Well... it's been so long, I wonder if her hair has grown out and if she's taller?" This seems to be in reference to the fact that Collei is an established character that has already met Amber and made her debut in the "Genshin Impact" manga. She is a trainee ranger who works in the Avidya Forest and comes from the Sumaru village of Gandharva Ville.

Her post also came with several bullited terms: Collei, Sprout of Rebirth, Avidya Forest Ranger Trainee, Dendro, and Leptailurus Cervarius. Like with Tighanari, these seem to be references to traits about her as a character. Leptailurus Cervarius is not a reference to an animal, however; It refers to her constellation.

Some footage of Collei fighting also appears to have been leaked. YouTuber Asmo has posted a video that shows her using a bow which charges up with Dendro energy and explodes on impact. She can also throw a weapon that swirls with razor-like leaves before returning to her hand like a boomerang and toss a small green creature that bounces around the area, releasing large bursts of energy each time it lands.


The third and final character that was revealed is a pink haired girl with sunglasses named Dori. The "Genshin Impact" Twitter account's post about her features a quote from Tighanari which states, "No matter how rare the experimental materials are, you can buy them from Dori. I don't know where she gets her goods from..." This seems to reference Dori's role as a merchant in the game. The terms listed on her post are: Dori, Treasure of Dream Garden, Sumeru Merchant, Electro, and Magicae Lucerna. These are significant for a couple reasons. First of all, Magicae Lucerna refers to Dori's constellation, but more importantly, it appears that Dori will be the only new character who uses the Electro element rather than Dendro.

Like the others, some of Dori's gameplay seems to have been leaked as well. In that same Asmo video, viewers can also see Dori swinging a big sword in large, arching circles before riding on a pink cloud-like puff. They can also see her pull out a big golden lamp (the genie kind) that seems to be tethered to her through a purple beam of energy. It seems fans will have to wait a little longer before it's clear what effect these abilities have, however.