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What Happened To Halo Infinite's Campaign Co-Op?

Despite receiving critical acclaim upon its release, it's been extremely hard to evaluate a game like "Halo Infinite." On one hand, its campaign mode surely doesn't disappoint, featuring a really poignant ending that ties up several loose threads and hints at where the series could go next. On the other hand, according to fans, the game also feels a bit incomplete in some ways. For instance, "Halo Infinite" shipped without a number of modes that fans had come to expect. Among these is a co-op campaign mode, a staple of the series and one of the more alluring features that was supposed to be included at some point in time.


In early June, 343 Studios announced that a co-op campaign mode would finally be arriving to "Halo Infinite" in July as a "flight test." It would later be revealed that this co-op test would be launched as a 10-day event beginning on July 11, and would be open to anybody who owned the "Halo Infinite" campaign and was a member of the Halo Insider program. However, July 11 came and went without any sign of a co-op campaign mode, leading many to speculate about what has happened to the planned feature. Luckily for fans of "Halo," 343 has provided some much-needed answers.

Halo Infinite's co-op campaign is still coming

While the target date of July 11 might have passed, 343 Studios has assured fans that the release for the co-op campaign mode isn't far off. "The team is still working on our upcoming 'Halo Infinite' network co-op Insider flight build," community manager Brian Jarrard said in a statement via Twitter. Jarrard pointed out that the team behind the game simply stated that it was aiming to release the mode during the week of July 11, but that many media outlets mistakenly ran with July 11 as the actual date, rather than an approximate release window. In the meantime, it seems like the team has been making sure campaign co-op is in solid shape before launching the "flight test."


"Flighting is fluid as the process entails discovering issues in initial rings and resolving them before expanding to a larger audience," Jarrard continued. "A few issues were discovered in our current flight ring and the team is working to address [them]." While Jarrard insisted that development on the co-op mode is a day-by-day process that is subject to change trajectory at any point, he did say that 343 Studios still plans on releasing the co-op test this week. This implies that Halo Insiders can expect to finally check out campaign co-op sometime between now and Saturday, July 16.