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The Real Reason Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Is A PS5 Exclusive

Gamers have officially reached that awkward moment in the transition between console generations. It's the time when some games are still releasing for both old and new consoles, while others are exclusive to the shiny, new ones. For those who haven't invested in new consoles yet, it sadly means missing out on some exciting new games, including the next big "Final Fantasy" release. Recently, Square Enix announced that "Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth" is one of those games that will only be available on the PS5 — but for what reason?

Gematsu has rounded up tons of new information coming from interviews the developers of "Rebirth" are giving to Japanese publications, including why it will only be available on the PS5. Unsurprisingly, it comes down to graphics and processing power. While "Final Fantasy 7 Remake," the first part of the trilogy, got released for the PS4 before coming to the PS5, it seems "Rebirth" will really require the extra processing power of the PS5 to truly do it justice. Here's what the developers had to say.

Graphics and Processing Speed for Final Fantasy 7

The team at Square Enix has explained that, apart from the benefits of improved graphics, "Rebirth" will need the sheer speed of the PS5s solid state drive (SSD) to render the game world. In part 2 of the trilogy, the game world is really going to open up, and exploring this world will require a great deal of processing power and speed to make everything run smoothly. Apparently the PS4's hard disk drive (HDD) just won't cut it.

SSDs differ from HDDs in how information is stored and accessed (per PC Mag). While HDDs store information on a disk that is spun to access information stored in different parts while SSDs store information on microchips. These differences make SSDs much faster when it comes to accessing and delivering information, which is vital for larger games. It appears that "Rebirth" is set to show off what all that extra speed is capable of.

In addition to an explanation regarding PS5 exclusivity, Square Enix has also revealed other intriguing details in its latest round of interviews. It seems that the "Final Fantasy" team is already putting together the story for the third entry in the trilogy. Further, some points in the "Final Fantasy 7" timeline are being arranged in different order to make the story work better as a trilogy. So, between the improved graphics and changes to the story, this second installment should be a fun experience for newcomers and old fans alike when it releases in 2023.