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Streamers React To Myth Leaving Twitch

When viewers think of video game livestreaming, more often than not, they think of Twitch. For years Twitch has been the home to the biggest names in internet livestreaming, but that is starting to change. Due to the ever-prevalent shady side of Twitch and the influx of enticing offers from other streaming sites, many popular streamers have been leaving the site for greener pastures. This mass exodus of streamers has included some of the biggest names in the industry, with content creators like LudwigSykkuno, and LilyPichu all making the move to YouTube Gaming.


Now, one of the biggest names in the FPS streaming game has left Twitch, and people are taking notice. On July 11, Twitch star Ali "Myth" Kabbani announced his own move to YouTube Gaming, leaving behind his 7.4 million Twitch followers. The move makes a good amount of sense, as Myth rose to fame largely thanks to his impressive "Fortnite" skills and entertaining personality, and his YouTube channel already holds over 4.5 million subscribers.

Myth's announcement has unsurprisingly made waves in the scene, with many streamers quick to comment on Myth's move on social media. Even Twitch had something to say about the departure of one of its biggest names.

Streamers are supporting Myth's decision

Myth's announcement tweet was short and sweet, reading, "This is my decision." Accompanying the Tweet was a short video highlighting Myth's many important career decisions, such as forgoing college in favor of streaming full-time and quitting "Fortnite" at the height of its popularity to play other games. He proudly adds his decision to join YouTube Gaming to the list.


The response to Myth's announcement was overwhelmingly positive. For example, fellow YouTuber and ex-Twitch streamer TimTheTatman replied with a clip of a hilarious scream of excitement, shouting, "Let's gooo!" Valkyrae told Myth how proud she was of him, while FuslieScarra, and Hasanabi, also joined in congratulating the ex-Twitch streamer in the replies.

Myth's audience also supported the move, and many followers weren't shy about expressing their excitment approval in the replies. Even Twitch replied,  saying, "Here's wishing you nothing but lots of mythLove and continued success on the next chapter of your quest." In response to the outpour of love from fans, Myth tweeted, "Thank you all for rooting for your boy," and added that he will be happy to talk about the change on his channel. But, of course, anyone who wants to catch Myth's streams in the future will have to remember to boot up YouTube, not Twitch.