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Thymesia Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Between the takeover of Steam by Amazon's "Lost Ark" and the immaculate "Elden Ring," ARPG fans had quite a great start to 2022. For those waiting for the next great action-roleplaying game, maybe even an "Elden Ring" sequel, developer OverBorder Studio might have the perfect solution. "Thymesia" is an upcoming ARPG that some Steam users have called Soulslike, and its fantasy backdrop makes it an ideal option for those coming off of an "Elden Ring" playthrough.


"Thymesia" explores a punishing reality in which the pursuit of alchemical advancements has gone too far. With the Kingdom of Hermes on the brink of annihilation, one man and his fractured memories holds the key to the land's salvation — or its downfall.

Publisher Team17 showed off "Thymesia" at the 2022 Future Games Show, building on the wealth of information OverBorder had previously shared about the project. In fact, it had already received a demo that developers used to make improvements to the game (via Twitter). For anyone excited about the upcoming title, here are a few key details to keep in mind.

Is there a release date for Thymesia?

Team17 provided a release date announcement for "Thymesia" in the form of a YouTube video back in May 2022. In the feature, the team reveals that the game will launch on August 9, 2022 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam and GOG.com.


While waiting for the "Thymesia" to come out, fans can learn quite a bit about it from social media. The official Twitter account is fairly active, sharing clips of gameplay and interesting mechanics. There's also other news spread through the medium, like exclusive gameplay streams and information about the PC demo. You'll also find fun content, such as adorable fan art and early looks at characters.

Twitter is not the only reliable source of "Thymesia" intel – Team17 has published a ton of videos to get people excited about it in the months before release.

Is there a trailer for Thymesia?

"Thymesia" has received a multitude of trailer drops, dating back to the first Partnership Announcement Trailer from Team17 in March 2021. Since then, numerous videos have circulated, offering looks at aspects ranging from story to gameplay mechanics.


The Soulslike action-RPG takes place in a medieval fantasy setting that's quite dark. An alchemically-fueled plague has taken over the world, twisting many into horrifying creatures. Faced with these challenges, the player's goal is to find a cure for the affliction while recovering the memories of Corvus, the game's protagonist. The developers teased that "Thymesia" offers more than one ending, allowing gamers to pick how they handle the plague after uncovering secrets about how it came to be. If you're one of those people who have no faith left in humanity, you can choose to leave Hermes to its grisly fate.

For additional details, consider viewing the A World of Plague and Alchemy Trailer.


What's the gameplay like in Thymesia?

In "Thymesia," players take on the role of Corvus, a mysterious masked individual who can wield diseases as weapons and shift into a raven form. Aspects of the title, like dodging and deflection, have received dedicated gameplay videos. These mechanics seem pretty standard, especially for the ARPG genre, but other footage details some of the more unique mechanics.


Corvus can use Feathers to prevent enemies from scoring undeflectable critical hits. As the name implies, you can throw a Feather at an enemy when you see the critical attack indicator to hurt the target and disrupt the move. There's also something called the Claw mechanic, which plays on the ideas of bloodletting and enemy health regeneration. Foes have two health bars representing total health and wounds, and the player has to burn through both of them to take them out. Whenever Corvus attacks, he leaves temporary wounds behind. Players can use either the Long Claw or Short Claw to stop health replenishment and dish out major damage.

To get an even better feel for how combat will work in "Thymesia," check out a video released by the developers detailing a battle against an "elite" enemy.