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Rumbleverse Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Since being announced at the 2021 Game Awards ceremony, "Rumbleverse" has been eagerly anticipated by fans of brawlers and battle royale games. Being developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games, "Rumbleverse" is a free-to-play game that combines melee combat with battle royale matches in a colorful, pro-wrestling themed setting. While the game may look similar to other battle royale titles — especially "Fortnite" — it promises to set itself apart with a comical wrestling theme.


Players take control of customizable characters and enter Grapital City to battle with one another across streets and rooftops until only one is left standing. While Iron Galaxy was holding regular playtests and providing updates about development, we didn't have an official release date for some time. Now, we finally know when we'll get to experience the action and what to expect from the launch. Here's everything we know about "Rumbleverse" so far.

Does Rumbleverse have a release date?

"Rumbleverse" was originally slated to release in February 2021. After giving fans a First Look play session in December and seeing how the game played, however, the developer announced the decision to delay the release to make improvements. Since then, there has been more work on the game and more playtests.


Now, Iron Galaxy has finally revealed a new release date. "Rumbleverse" will be launching on August 11 with the first season beginning the following week on August 18. Iron Galaxy has apparently made good use of the extra time to improve the game, as they also declared that there will be no need for an early access period as was originally planned. The game is seemingly good to go and the full experience will be available on launch day.

"Rumbleverse" will be available on the PC (exclusive to the Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. It will feature cross platform play and cross platform progression so you and your friends will get to beat each other up regardless of your console of choice.


Does Rumbleverse have a trailer?

Several trailers have been released since "Rumbleverse" was announced. The latest is the trailer that dropped with the announcement of the new launch date. This one features gameplay from streamers alongside their reactions to the action. It features plenty of cartoon elbow drops, piledrivers, and good old-fashioned punches and slaps.


The trailer also showcases a mix of different, colorful characters. Luchadores, basketball players, and what can only be described as a man dressed in a business-casual outfit and chicken mask all make an appearance. We also get a sense of the battle arena, seeing a mix of streets, parks, and rooftops to hurl your opponent off. The streamers featured certainly seem to be having a great time taking part in the beat-em-up carnage. Yelling, cheering, and celebrating victory are all to be heard over the catchy background music.

This new trailer certainly shows off all the extra work that has gone into development. Compared to the previous gameplay trailer, the action seems much more fast paced and dynamic with an updated UI and more information being presented to the player.


What will Rumbleverse's gameplay be like?

While everything seems more smooth and polished, the core gameplay of "Rumbleverse" still seems to be what we've been promised and shown up to this point. "Rumbleverse" is a battle royale game like "Fortnite" or "PUBG." Players are dropped into an arena to scavenge for resources and do battle. The safe area shrinks over time, forcing the surviving players closer together until one emerges victorious. New twists come from the pro-wrestling theme, though.


Rather than ranged combat, "Rumbleverse" is exclusively a melee brawler. Players punch, kick, and perform outrageous wrestling moves to damage their opponents. Further, players aren't scavenging for weapons and health packs. Instead, they'll be searching for magazines to learn new moves, melee weapons like bats and chairs, and chicken drumsticks to replenish their health.

The game will be free-to-play with microtransactions and a battle pass system at launch and regular competitive seasons. If you're a fan of brawlers, battle royale, and pro-wrestling, this is definitely a game to check out in August.