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Destiny 2: The Biggest Changes Coming To The Solstice Event

MMOs are known for their seasonal events that keep players engaged between expansions, and Bungie's looter-shooter "Destiny 2" is no exception. However, "Destiny 2" is fresh off the heels of a Sony acquisition, leaving many uncertain about the game's future. However, it looks to be business as usual at Bungie, as "Destiny 2" is back with one of its most popular annual events.


As players may have already guessed, the upcoming "Destiny 2" event is none other than Solstice, the annual summer event formally known as Solstice of Heroes. This year's Solstice starts on July 19, but it won't look the same as previous years. Specifically, Bungie has tweaked some of the annoying objectives required to upgrade the event's armors on top of adding a new way to track event progress.

And, of course, the event will provide players with loads of new items, like emotes, armor, and cosmetics. Here are the biggest changes coming to "Destiny 2" during the Summer Solstice event.

A new Event Card

One of the biggest new additions coming to" Destiny 2" with the Solstice event is the Event Card. The Event Card functions similarly to the Season Challenges menu, allowing players to track their event progress for the entire event duration. In addition, players can use the Event Card as an all-in-one location, accessible through Eva Levante or via the Questions tab, to plan out the quests and challenges they need to complete to earn exclusive items and upgrades.


Bungie also announced that the Event Card would be free to everyone when the event launches on July 19. The rewards seem worth the time investment for players, as Bungie has already showcased a Hot Dog Eating emote and a particularly cute Sunny Exotic Ghost Shell cosmetic as Event Card rewards. Anyone interested in these rewards should get started on the challenges as soon as the event launches, as the Event Card and all its challenges will expire on August 9.

Additionally, players can shell out 1000 silver, roughly $10, to upgrade the Event Card to a premium version. This upgrade instantly gives players a reward bundle and access to new challenges exclusive to the premium pass. Of course, players will have to wait until the event starts to get a more detailed look at the differences between the two versions to decide if it's worth the $10.


Changes to Solstice Armor

No "Destiny 2" Solstice Event would be complete without some new armor. But, this time, upgrading the Solstice armor differs from the standard Armor Synthesis. Instead, players must use three complicated new currencies to upgrade the armor.


Players start upgrading their armor by earning Silver Leaves through completing activities throughout the game. Then, players will need to participate in the new Bonfire Bash event to transform the Silver Leaves into Silver Ash. Silver Ash can then be used to reroll armor stats. There's also a third currency, Kindling, that is earned by completing Solstice Event Challenges. Kindling can then be spent to upgrade the armor's stat roll potential, with three upgrades being the max.

All stat roll upgrades only need to be done once per armor slot, meaning the upgrades will transfer to any piece of Solstice armor that occupies that slot. What comes as good news to "Destiny 2" fashion fans is, like in previous events, if a player fully upgrades their Solstice armor, it will exhibit a stylish glow.