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The Dark Souls Universe Will Soon Be Explained

The massive success of "Elden Ring" has ignited renewed interest in the already popular "Dark Souls" games, especially since the new hit title is considered the best the series has seen yet. As immersive and exciting as the world of "Dark Souls" can be, it's also confusing, given its grand scale.

Piecing together the entire story of "Dark Souls" is no small task, but it's one fan lore archivist Lokey has been doing for years. His successful website is chock full of compiled information on the series, including corrections to errors and incredibly detailed analysis. Lokey's combination of linguistic skills and hardcore fandom commitment has helped streamline what is otherwise a convoluted lore landscape, adding greater depth and continuity to the world of "Dark Souls."

On July 14, 2022, Lokey announced news of a new project that's taking his existing work to the next level. "Dark Souls" fans will likely be intrigued by the upcoming collaboration, which will provide them both a collectable and a rich source of lore information.

Dark Souls is getting two collectable lore books

After years of successful information gathering, theorizing, translating, analyzing, and more impressive intellectual feats, Lokey is transforming and building upon his existing knowledge base by publishing "Dark Souls" lore in two collectable books called the "Abyssal Archive." A celebration of the 10-year anniversary of "Dark Souls" and published by Tune & Fairweather, the archival duo is described as a comprehensive look at the mythology behind the games. It aims to serve as a resource and a work of art that honors Miyazaki's celebrated work on "Dark Souls."

The two hardcover books of "Abyssal Archive" will span 528 pages artistically designed to match the "Dark Souls" aesthetic. Hellkite Drake leather protects the spine of the book, with accents like gold edges and black and metallic-gold ink adding extra collectable appeal. Many artists and archivists contributed to the project, as evidenced by over a dozen full-color illustrations, scientific diagrams, and an incredibly detailed fold-out companion map of Lordran that brings the world of the games to life.

Gamers who preorder "Abyssal Archive" by Aug. 14, 2022 will get a digital bundle in addition to the physical copy, as well as a collectable protective clamshell case and additional perks for those that buy a special bundle. While all the work for "Abyssal Archive" is complete content-wise, the physical books themselves are expected to be complete in early 2023, with transparent production updates to be provided on the Tune & Fairweather Discord.