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Diablo Immortal: How To Find And Beat Zaerhud Elite

"Diablo Immortal" has been making waves lately — despite the initially positive reception to what seemed like a compacted but true "Diablo" experience, the mobile game quickly garnered criticism for being a pay-to-win cash grab in the days following its release. As noted by Forbes, all the content up until the completion of the main story is free. The main problem lies in the fact that trying to grind through the endgame and craft the highest level gear sets is near impossible without buying in-game loot boxes with copious amounts of real-life money.


Even without the problematic progression paywalls, trying to complete the main missions and side quests can turn into a real time sink on its own — especially when it comes to finding Purple Rare Elite monsters, which are hidden in unmarked side-quests with specific spawn locations and prerequisites.

One such monster is so elusive that it has players asking if he even exists at all: Zaerhud Elite. Thankfully, this zombie bear (no, really) isn't too hard to encounter once you know the specifics of where to go and what to do.

Camping the Dark Wood

First things first, you'll want to pick up the "Wanted: Zaerhud" sidequest before setting out to the Dark Wood. Once you have, head to the small rectangular area south east of the Sanguine Ruins and southwest of the Tree of Inifuss Waypoint and clear all the nearby mobs. You'll then want to start clicking on every interactable item in the area — shrines, treasure chest, loot piles, and so on — all while continuing to kill any mobs that appear. As Zaerhud shares a random respawn timer with the items and entities in this area, you should eventually see him spawning in the vicinity after rotating through a number of times (per Wowhead).


However, the tricky part is that he's not the only Purple Rare Elite monster in that specific area. Arag, another monster, has a spawn point almost directly adjacent to Zaerhud's — and judging from player comments on Reddit, it seems Arag has a much higher spawn rate. Bad RNG might mean that you'll be grinding the area for hours before getting a glimpse of Zaerhud — and if you're having trouble, it's best to leave the area and just try your luck again later on.

Once he appears, defeating him is a simple affair. So long as you're within the recommended level range for the area, you shouldn't have any trouble whittling him down. Just be mindful of his extra slime buddies, and you'll soon have a shiny new Purple Rare Elite monster kill under your belt.