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Scathe Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

While there are some very encouraging signs that a sequel to "Doom Eternal" is in the works, any possible follow-up is likely still a long way off. If the title and its recent DLCs left you craving more classic bullet-hell action with current-gen graphics, you're in luck. "Scathe" is an upcoming FPS action game where you rip and tear your way through hordes of monsters from hell with nothing but your wits, reflexes, and the fantastically violent weapons scattered throughout the gory levels.


An impressive indie title from developer Damage State Ltd. and publisher Kwalee, "Scathe" will release soon for PC and consoles alongside full cross-play support for the online co-op feature. With the added twists to traditional multiplayer mechanics and the inclusion of dark magic in the brutal arsenal, the offering is shaping up to be a great new entry to the bullet-hell genre. Here's everything we know about "Scathe."

What is the release date for Scathe?

You won't have to wait very long to get your hands on this game. According to the official Twitter page, Damage State will launch "Scathe" for PC on August 31, 2022 as its debut title. The Scotland-based studio has been working on the project since its founding in 2019 by three ex-AAA developers (via the Damage State website). It first set a 2022 release target back in February before scoring a feature spot in the Future Games Show, where it announced the August PC launch through a brand new trailer (per the official Steam community page).


While there's no concrete console release date as of yet, the trailer listed the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S as available platforms. For now, Damage State has confirmed an early 2023 console drop for prospective players hoping to take advantage of the full cross-play support (via Twitter).

Is there a trailer for Scathe?

Currently, there are two "Scathe" trailers: the reveal trailer that dropped when Damage State announced the 2022 release window, and the PC release date trailer that first premiered during FGS. Both videos mostly feature high-intensity gameplay, showcasing the grotesque monsters and brutally powerful weapons players will use alongside light hints towards the story premise.


Instead of fighting off an invasion from hell as in "Doom Eternal," "Scathe" players will step into the titular role, an individual who happens to be the Enforcer of the Legions of Hell. According to the official website, the goal is to shed the hefty title and escape the labyrinth in a path of ascension to an unspecified but presumably heavenly promotion.

The details are rather vague, and the project itself seems a little light on story or worldbuilding, which is to be expected. With an endeavor like "Scathe," the lore is only a means to an end, and that end is pure, high-speed, superfluously bloody demon-killing.

What will the gameplay be like in Scathe?

You can get a taste of the gameplay in Scathe right away with the free demo available for download on the official Steam page. Currently, the demo has a 5.58GB download size and features two zones that can take anywhere between two to twenty minutes to clear, depending on your skill level and how much exploring you do. According to the demo's main menu after completing one round, there are three exits into the boss room, six runes that might either serve as collectables or upgrades, and three extra lives to be found.


While the demo only provides two different guns as of yet, there's enough variety in terrain and enemy type to keep you more than occupied. Not to mention the gore and slime spatters can build up on your camera — you'll have to find time to press F or the left trigger button on a controller to wipe your face and keep your screen clear. Coupled with an invincibility dash that can explode the enemies in your way, the gameplay experience in "Scathe" is as brutal and adrenaline-packed as advertised. You will want to turn your volume down, however: The game isn't shy about the decibels on the gun blasts, squelchy explosions, and blaring heavy metal music.

"Scathe" can be wishlisted on Steam and will be available on PC through the Steam and Epic Games storefronts on August 31.