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Halo Infinite: How To Unlock Fast Travel

After multiple staff changes, an underwhelming trailer, and a release date delay on top of everything else, "Halo Infinite" had fans worried in the months leading up to launch. The extended and troubled production period laid the foundation for a major flop in what was supposed to be a next-gen entry in a beloved franchise — but thankfully, the sixth installment in the industry-defining "Halo" series was anything but. Critics praised "Halo Infinite" for its creative combat and impactful gameplay that felt like a return to the "Halo" experience after the unpopular choices in "Halo 4" and "Halo 5."


Released in late 2021, "Halo Infinite" features well-incorporated callbacks to the early installments under Bungie, as well as a new, semi-open world formula that offers a plethora of content for players to shoot their way through without losing narrative focus (per Kotaku). While having more aliens to gun down with the expanded arsenal and punchy combat is a good thing, it's not always fun to have to trek back and forth across the fairly massive map — even with franchise signature vehicles like the WASP or Banshee. Thankfully, the title includes fast travel hubs. Here's how to unlock the fast travel bases in "Halo Infinite."

Complete the prologue and liberate FOBs to unlock fast travel

As is the usual convention with RPGs, "Halo Infinite" opens with a linear tutorial sequence that establishes the story and introduces all the mechanics. Players will be free to explore the expansive map of Zeta Halo after liberating Outpost Tremonius, which conveniently happens to be the very first fast travel hub — in order to actually access fast travel, however, you'll have to liberate at least one other Forward Operating Base (FOB).


Unlocking an FOB for use isn't complicated — find one, clear it of every enemy, then interact with the central console to take it over as a player hub. On top of being able to fast travel between any of the cleared FOBs, you'll be able to call in vehicles and swap between any of the guns you've unlocked. Whether you're backtracking to another location or taking a quick stop to reconfigure your loadout, fast traveling to an FOB is a simple matter of bringing up your map menu and selecting the base you'd like to get to. There's no fast travel cost or required consumable item, either, so feel free to zip around as much as you'd like.