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Stray: How To Get The Pacifist Trophy

"Stray," Annapurna Interactive's critically acclaimed action-adventure starring a cat protagonist, already has a number of trophies available for players to peruse for future reference. You can earn one of these trophies, "Pacifist," early in the game when the cat first ventures into the Sewers. However, because of how aggressive the antagonistic Zurks are, players might feel compelled to fight back. That's not what a pacifist would do, though.


According to PSNProfiles, there's only one way to get the Pacifist trophy: "Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks." Pacifist is a gold trophy, meaning it's a bit more challenging and niche than the ones you'd normally expect to come across by simply completing different chapters and quests. It's also one of those trophies that's exactly what it says on the tin. You have to get past early-game Zurks, the most monstrous critters in "Stray," without killing them. 

For the record, it's not too difficult for the cat to kill them outright. Here's more detail on what Zurks are and how to get the trophy.

Zurks offer a buggy experience for pacifists

"Stray" doesn't explain exactly what Zurks are, but they look like mutated pill bugs with glowing orange eyes. They inhabit some of the game's more dark and dreary locations — like the Sewers — and can latch onto the cat's body. If too many overpower the cat at once, it can lead to dire consequences. That's part of the reason why the Pacifist trophy might not be quite as easy to fulfill as other ones. It's natural to want to get rid of the Zurks to make sure your cat can keep exploring the world safely and complete objectives.


Zurks appear during one of the cat's first forays into the Sewers of the city and chase the cat on sight. Thankfully, you can avoid them if you maneuver through the setting effectively. In an official gameplay walkthrough from PlayStation, the cat can be seen jumping onto a beam to dodge the Zurks. Just run and take the high ground there won't be a chance for them outnumber you. If you fail (and die), you can try again until the cat finds the right way out of the situation without resorting to violence. Not attacking might be more difficult, but not impossible.

"Stray" launches on July 19, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, it's not available for Xbox console (yet).