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Mario Strikers: Battle League: Everything Included In The First Free Update

If there's one thing gamers and sports fans can agree on, it's that the "Mario Sports" series is a lot of fun. Over the years, Mario has seen multiple sports spinoff games, including golf, tennis, baseball, and soccer. The most recent "Mario Sports" game to hit stores was the soccer brawler "Mario Strikers: Battle League." However, upon release, the game received mediocre reviews, with many reviewers citing the lack of playable characters as a major contributing factor. Long-time fans of the series were especially disappointed that fan favorite Princess Daisy was omitted.

It looks like Nintendo is finally acknowledging the fan outcry by releasing a free content update on the July 21st. To the delight of fans everywhere, two new characters are being added to the "Mario Strikers: Battle League" roster in the upcoming patch, alongside other additions. Here's everything coming in the first free update to "Mario Strikers: Battle League."

Daisy and Shy Guy are hitting the field

On Nintendo's YouTube channel, players got a glimpse at what's being added in the upcoming free update. Players will be pleased to know that two new playable characters are being added to "Mario Strikers: Battle League." The first character announced was the highly requested Princess Daisy. Daisy is unique, with a high technique stat that makes her immune to falling from punches. The second character added is Shy Guy, with his incredibly powerful Propeller Dive Hyper Strike ability. However, unlike Daisy, Shy Guy's stats are balanced, meaning it will need to rely on gear for its specialization.

On top of the new characters, there is also a new gear set and stadium coming to "Mario Strikers: Battle League." The gear set is Knight armor, which increases strength and shooting to any character that equips it.The new map is a Desert Ruin oasis with four variations that can be used for quick matches or as a player's club stadium.

Daisy fans were unsurprisingly excited about the new update. However, some still felt that Nintendo isn't doing enough, as a 12-character roster is still eight short of the "Mario Strikers Charged" lineup. But all is not lost, as alongside the announcement for the upcoming update, Nintendo posted that "Mario Strikers: Battle League" would get two more updates before the end of 2022. So, a few other iconic Mario characters may make their way onto the field.