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These Actors Just Fueled New GTA 6 Conspiracies

A couple of voice actors have added some fuel to the ever burning "Grand Theft Auto 6" rumor fire. Found by users on the GTAForums (via PCGamesN), three actors have added credits to their online resumes that seemingly point to "GTA 6," several of which were quickly removed after the internet rumor mill got hold. Nick Mills and Natonia Monet both had Rockstar voice-over projects listed on their resumes on Entertainment Lab, which have since been taken down. The GTA News & Leaks Twitter account grabbed a screenshot of Monet's, which listed her as Tamara in "Fireball video game," which was listed as being developed by Rockstar Games. That listing has led the forums to believe that Fireball is the codename of "GTA 6." Some fans also found it interesting that the game was listed under a code name despite being officially announced

That led users to find Marco Virgilio's online resume, which has him listed under the voice over section as the Radio Announcer for "Radio Hinterland" for "Fireball." This has led people to believe that Virgilio could be voicing a radio station within "GTA 6." The only real Radio Hinterland people could find is based out of Milan, although fans aren't sure if the two are related. The other fan theory that has come from the code-name "Fireball" seems completely outlandish, but has fans excited nonetheless

Some fans think the Fireball code-name points to Vice City

One user stated that "Fireball" is also the name of a Pitbull song. Pitbull is from Miami and therefore, "GTA 6" is in Vice City. While that seems like a bit of a stretch, fans are desperate for any piece of information they can get their hands on. 

While "Fireball" could be a meaningless codename, many fans are speculating what it could possibly mean. One fan thinks that the name could refer to a new environmental destruction system, where players could burn buildings to the ground. Some fans were dismissive of the idea that the codename was related to the content of the game, but one fan brought up a compelling argument, saying that "GTA 4" was codenamed "Ice" and the story was related to diamonds, which ice can be slang for. "GTA 5" was codenamed "Rush" which could be related to the theme of heists in the game. While it seems unlikely that fans will be able to predict the plot of the game based on a codename and some actors' resumes, they certainly seem to enjoy the speculation.