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Diablo Immortal: How To Change Classes

It's been over a month since Blizzard released its newest entry into the "Diablo" series, "Diablo Immortal." To say the game received a mixed reception is an understatement. Shortly after its release, gamers complained the game was pay-to-win, costing upwards of $100,000 to upgrade a character fully. Of course, this is combined with the continuous complaints that the game is a mobile title and not a real" "Diablo" entry.


Still, those complaining about "Diablo Immortal" seem to be the vocal minority. Recent reports have revealed that the game is being downloaded by millions, making Blizzard a lot of money in the process. Additionally, Blizzard is making a few quality-of-life improvements to "Diablo Immortal," which could win over some of the haters.

For example, Blizzard is adding a new system that will allow players to change their class without losing valuable progress. This system already exists in other MMOs, such as "Final Fantasy 14," so many will find it a welcome addition to "Diablo Immortal." Below is a detailed guide on how to change your class in "Diablo Immortal."

It only takes a few seconds

In a recent blog post, Blizzard announced that its new Class Change mechanic coming to "Diablo Immortal" is launching July 20. Thankfully, the process of changing classes is simple and, more importantly, free.


To change classes, players must first make their way over to the player hub Westmarch before heading to Selynne's Basilica in the eastern region of the city. Players must then click on the Shifting Flames to initiate a class change. Then players will be taken to a screen almost identical to the one presented at the start of the game when first creating their character. They are then free to change their character's class and appearance. Afterward, all players must do is confirm the changes, and they will immediately spawn back into Westmarch as their new class.

There are a few rules surrounding the Class Change system, however. Firstly, players can only change their class once every seven days. Secondly, the ability to change classes only becomes available after hitting level 35. Finally, class-specific gear and cosmetics will not carry over to the new class. Still, players will appreciate not having to relevel a character whenever they want to try out a new build, and changing classes is a good way to spice up the game between content patches, even if it means farming new Legendries all over again.