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Stray: How To Find The Safe Code In The Slums

The platforming adventure game "Stray" just released to great reviews from critics. The story of a clever cat lost in a cyberpunk city and trying to get home has proven to be fun and engaging for a wide range of audiences. Gamers are falling in love with the incredibly cute protagonist based on an equally adorable trio of real life felines. Players also enjoying the hunt for the game's collectibles and secrets to extend the short but sweet experience of the main story.

If you're one of those completionists who simply needs to find every secret and unlock every mystery, "Stray" has a multitude of side missions to deepen the world of the game. But to get some of those secret goodies, you'll need to figure out a way inside the safes and doors that can be found throughout the city. One that may be giving adventurous kitties trouble is the safe found in The Slums. Not to worry, though. Here's how to find the safe and crack the code.

Look for the painting at the bar

When you enter the Slums in Chapter 4, you'll encounter a safe near the guitar-playing robot Morusque. Just head past the robot and turn left at a gate to find an alley with the safe in plain view. Grab a clue off the safe and head back out of the alley again.

You can show the clue to some of the robots in the area but they won't be particularly helpful. Instead, seek out Elliot, who can point you in the right direction or just cut to the chase and head to Dufer Bar. It should be easy to spot by its neon bar signs and less than classy atmosphere. Once inside, hop up on the bar and walk to the end with the Dufer Bar sign and a beach painting above it. Knock the painting down to reveal the safe code (1283) and head back to the alley. Opening the safe will get you a piece of sheet music for Morusque, who's conveniently located nearby. 

In other words, you can crack the safe by doing exactly what cats do best: jumping up on a high surface and knocking stuff down. Good luck!