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How Long Does It Take To Beat Bright Memory: Infinite?

"Bright Memory: Infinite" is a game with a pretty interesting backstory, as it was launched initially as "Bright Memory Episode 1" through the Steam Early Access program in 2019. Perhaps most impressively, the game was developed from the ground up by a single Chinese-based developer in his free time (per Kotaku). When it came time to make the second episode, the developer opted to instead remake "Bright Memory," expanding on its gameplay and graphics. Thus, "Bright Memory: Infinite" was born.


"Bright Memory: Infinite" can be best described as a first-person shooter that heavily emphasizes melee combat. Players take control of a supernatural warrior named Shelie, equipped with a gun and a sword in conjunction with her psychokinesis. Combat is similar to the "Devil May Cry" games, as players are encouraged to pull off combos and are awarded letter ratings based on performance.

Now that "Bright Memory: Infinite" is arriving on Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, everyone can enjoy this unique game. However, because the original game took less than an hour to beat, many gamers may be wondering if "Bright Memory: Infinite" packs a comparably short campaign.

Bright Memory: Infinite can be finished in roughly two hours

Nintendo Life's Scott McCrae clocked around two hours in "Bright Memory: Infinite." However, McCrae noted that those two hours were nothing short of intense, stating, "the game doesn't slow down at all, and manages to hit you with some wild setpieces." However, McCrae mentioned that there is zero content outside the campaign, which players can replay at a higher difficulty.


Meanwhile, GameSpot's Richard Wakeling recorded a completion time of an hour and 20 minutes. However, Wakeling added that this game time includes multiple cutscenes and a lengthy stealth section that he ultimately found disappointing. Like McCrae, Wakeling noted that replaying the campaign is the only way to get more than a few hours out of the title, but argued that the unskippable cutscenes might possibly turn some players away from replaying the campaign.

Although "Bright Memory: Infinite" is considered short by most standards, it has the benefit of not going for a premium price. Instead, "Bright Memory: Infinite" can be picked up for $20 on every digital platform. And if $20 seems like a reasonable price for two hours of unique high-octane shooting and slashing, "Bright Memory: Infinite" won't disappoint.