How Long Does It Take To Beat Live A Live?

"Live A Live," the remake of the classic game from 1994, is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the original, and of RPGs in general, have been eagerly anticipating its release. "Live A Live" was a hit in its day and continues to make lists of the greatest RPGs of all time. It's also notable for being the first directorial outing for Takashi Tokita, a paragon of games development who would later work on "Chrono Trigger" and the "Final Fantasy" series. While Japanese fans got to enjoy "Live A Live" again when it was released for the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015, this will be the first time in decades that Western audiences will get to experience the action (via NintendoLife).


Now that fans are finally getting a true remake, many will be setting aside time on their calendars and preparing to dive into the experience. This raises the question of just how much time one will need to allot to "Live A Live" to roll the credits and see everything it has to offer.

Twenty hours, plus more for completionists

Based a review from T3, it looks like you'll need to put in a solid 20 or so hours to complete the game. "Live A Live" is split into seven chapters that can be tackled in any order and each chapter will run for between one and a half to three hours. This should make for a fairly long experience that can be split into smaller, more manageable bites.


The completionists out there will be able to squeeze a bit more time out of the adventure, as the final chapter has some optional exploration and multiple endings to be unlocked. Checking out everything there is to see is predicted to add another ten hours to your time in the game.

With "Live A Live" available July 22 for the Switch, now is the time to put aside a few hours to start checking out the chapters and seeing what all the fuss was about back in the '90s.